Oblivion or Fallout 3?

  • Oblivion or Fallout 3?

    i mean both have their strong points, however both have bad.
    oblivion has loo little frames per second and fallout 3 ends abruptly after the main storyline has ended.
    im still stuck between the two

  • i still think Oblivion is better. Fallout 3 is really a good game, but Oblivion is still little better.

    • henli_02 sa...
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    • 24 aug 2009, 13:14

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  • Personal preference

    I've logged about 200 hours in Oblivion, which represents 2 full play throughs, the second of which included the end game and completion of the main quest. I've only played through Fallout 3 once and that was about 65-70 hours of game time (before any of the DLC).

    I loved both experiences for different reasons. I'm more partial to the fantasy setting; it scratches an itch, so Oblivion was easier to jump back into. Also I'm waiting to have enough time to devote to Fallout again along with al of the DLC.

    From a story and world perspective Fallout 3 feels more real and everything feels more connected, while Oblivion offers a more "fun" world for me. Fallout actually depressed me after playing for long hours, a testament to the game, but also a mild hindrance to repeat play-throughs.

  • Fallout 3 was too short for me, I got 100% and I didn't feel any replay value to it, Oblivion on the other hand it always interests me.

  • "Fallout 3 feels more real and everything feels more connected, while Oblivion offers a more "fun" world for me." [2]

    Sums up my opinions.

    • Amig186 sa...
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    • 14 nov 2010, 12:10
    Fallout 3, no doubt about it. The quests are more complex, the map is way more varied, the graphics are better, the stories behind quests make sense unlike some in oblivion. Well I always liked a SF world better than a heroic fantasy one. Swords, bows et cetera just aren't as fun to use as a solid minigun or flamethrower. Apart from that, Oblivion gave me the impression of an unfinished game, like a lot of things were done in a hurry. And frankly there isn't much to discover exploring the world except dozens of the same ruins with the same skeletons/zombies or forts with the same marauders or bandits. While in F3 there's stuff like a crashed flying saucer (a referance to F1 i presume, and the way they lead us to it (through an odd radio transmition) is just genius) or an "oasis" revolving around our old friend, Harold the ghul. There's more equipment and stuff than in oblivion.

    The only advantage of Oblivion is that it has a construction set and is easier to mod

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