I wish Madonna had gone down the

    • girllost sa...
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    • 3 nov 2006, 06:19

    I wish Madonna had gone down the

    ----New Wave-Rock road.

    With her early songs like Burning Up and Gambler, they show the potential.

    And then there's her earlier songs when she was in her bands. (Madonna in a band---the thought is weird, but cool!)
    They pretty much all had a rock feel to them.
    New Wave-Dance/Rock.
    It would've been so fucking cool!

    Or what if she made it when she was still with one of her bands?
    The music that we could've had!!!!
    Although, she probably would've ended up going solo but still, ----I believe the music she would've put out would've been more rock oriented.
    I'm not talking all full-out ROCK CHICK but maybe Dance Rock atleast.
    And instead of that crappy duet with Britney Spears, maybe she would have done a duet with.....
    Courtney Love?
    Siouxsie & the Banshees?

    I can dream..........

    • TheBlank sa...
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    • 14 nov 2006, 20:41
    yeah, i've wondering about her making it big when she was with a band.

    and burning up is one of my favourite songs by her.

    she probably would've ended up more respected in the music community but i don't think she would've ended up as famous as she turned out to be.

    and as much as i like all her music.....i'd kinda like her to do more rock stuff.

    .....and a duet with garbage would be cool.

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 7 apr 2007, 06:57
    Well... I think she's raised her style a bit with her live performance of I Love New York, in the Confessions Tour.
    I was REALLY an amazing performance, I love it so much.
    And there were more 'rock-turned' tracks in the show, like Ray of Light, but I Love New York was the best by far.
    And there is non-rock stuff that is good too, like Erotica (one of my top 3 Madonna favorite songs), Justify My Love, Bedtime Story (a collaboration with Björk), Impressive Instant (from Music album) and What It Feels Like For a Girl (video clip version), Imagine (a cover of Imagine by John Lennon) and Trip-Hop song I Want You (from album Something to Remember).

  • She should do a one-off live version of "Into the Groove" with Sonic Youth. That would be one of the most interesting moments in the history of music.
    Damn, that Ciccone Youth cover is fucking great.

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