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Skapad den: 23 jan 2005
Nobody really knows where you fit in society, and frankly speaking, you don't really care anymore.

Stop for a second. Look around you in the world. Every tired fashion ditz can tell you that black is the new black. Who cares, right? You have freakin' cookies! Chocolate chip ones or otherwise! It's not about being socially fit or unfit, it's not about being conformist or nonconformist, it's not even about shock value. All that matters is that when you look in the mirror, you're what you want to be. Maybe not exactly, maybe not even entirely, but pick and choose what you want to do. Maybe you'll be called a poser, maybe people will think you're goofy, too far from the 'safety of the scene'. But you have cookies, for heaven's sakes! What do you care what they care? Why the hell should they care anyhow?

Or maybe you just look like everyone else. Screw it. You're happy. Again, freakin' cookies.

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