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A precise definition of Northern Soul is a tough job. As a movement, its ability to adapt and embrace different styles has helped to make and keep it special. Lovers of Northern Soul, early Motown and such like.... if you know what an "All-Nighter" really is, this is the group for you.

Novices could try starting here: Tr1xx: My Northern Soul Top 100

The NS 'scene' is currently stronger than ever. Initially popular throughout the 70's, the rare soul scene has exploded recently. Partly nostalgia, but also fuelled by an unprecedented media interest in the music, and most importantly, stoked by the embers that never died in the hearts of soul fans.

The late great John Peel once said "Northern Soul is the only true underground music scene"

In fond memory of:
* The Torch &
* The Twisted Wheel
... and of course...
* The Wigan Casino, which ran from 1973 until 1981 and was at one point voted the best disco in the world by Billboard magazine.

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