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''Far far away, where the wind freezes your face, there you won't be alone.''

•If you feel that a part of your heart will always belong to the north,

•If you feel it is the home for you,

•If you ever dream of living in any of the nordic countries,

•If you can hear the wind singing songs from cold seas,

•If you can feel that cold biting your fingers holds your hand,

•If the nordic languages sound like the best melodies and tunes ever to your ears,

•If you feel that every single breath at north would be a great celebration of being alive,

•If you have the nordic passion deep inside your heart,

•And If you are from a country which is not nordic at all, speaking a completely diffrent language, having a completely diffrent heritage,

Then welcome aboard !

''And I sat with them
sang a song and there was whispering of
'voi vittu saatana perkele' by many diffrent voices.''

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