the situation

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    • 12 dec 2009, 07:57

    the situation

    hello everyone.
    i wanted to ask.. how is the with refugees and immigration in your country?
    what kind of experiance you have(had)? how is the government/political treatment of this aspect in your places.

    right now i am living in Germany. as much i have my own contacts and experiances in the this sphere, i can say in one word here is everything fucked up.
    they are deporting even a child who has hearth problem. just because they dont "believe" its enough for breaking humans lives.
    i think Germany has one of the most brutal and unhuman system against refugees.

    thanks for attention and please lay down and share the knowladge and experiances you have in your local areas.

  • Well I live in an undeveloped country and there are not many inmigrants here but there are many people who emigrate to first world economies. Since most of the population in my country is a descendent from european white people they don't have as many difficulties as might have people from other places (is very sad that this happens on the 21 century). The irony is that people from every country of South America suffer discrimination in Europe and in the USA but at the same time we discriminate each other.

  • Nobody comes to Romania :)) No refugees but we have our own problems with the economic and political system and with the human minorities (the hate against them/the minorities hate against the majority and so forth)...

  • i live in germany and i think uvra is right. there are refugees from different countries who live since 10-20 years here in germany and now they have to go. they have found new friends and build up an identity in germany. in their fromer country they don't know anyone. even children of refugees who were born here, have to go with their family. politicians distinguish if there is a real danger in the former country, but thats only hypocrisy. in truth they don't care about the future of immigrants.

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    • 12 dec 2009, 13:17
    i agree with you and know more or less about latin american people's destiny in US and in Europe as well. and sure "european citizens" dont have any problem like refugees have. they even cant imagine theselves how its to be a slave in "free democratic" world.

    yes nobody goes to Romania as its considered as problematic country, and in case of refugees it will make for them more problems.

    hell sure german and not only german government doesnt care about future of "not their citizens". this fuckin politics just worldwide speaking about democracy and such bullshit, but they are the biggest tirans!
    and i am fuckin going crazy when thinking.. why every citizen of EU can travel worldwide and live wherever he/she wants, but for example, the sitizen of Bangladesh, is NOT allowed?!?!

  • Slovakia. It's an unappealing country for most immigrants, but it lies on their way to germany or austria and most of them are caught when crossing borders with ukraine. Then they're forced to apply for visa, but only 3-5% are granted, the others are sent back after some time spent in immigration camps. There were waves of refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq, so I can understand, that it's uneasy to provide everything necessary and to accept some 10000 refugees. In period of years 1992 – 2004, 44107 refugees asked for asyl, it was granted to only 555 of them. Some 30000 then illegaly left Slovakia westwards.
    In my opinion, we, as the 1st world countries are responsible for the general well-being of at least some of them. In such proportions, when they can assimilate with the native population, it can't be of any harm. If you immigrate into the country and identify it as a country that gives you daily bread, where you found job, friends and can raise your child in, if you adopt it as your own, then it's absolutely allright. Why so many immigrants to usa identify it as their homeland?

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    • 12 dec 2009, 13:31


    I live in Italy, where at this moment the situation is very difficult.
    The Italian government fomenting a climate by racist with laws and declarations.
    I'm working to a project ( of a social network for migrants, where members can leave feedback on the quality of life in the country where they want to emigrate.
    It is based on the idea that the opinion expressed by a migrant worth more then information in the official media.
    Write later about the conditions in Italy.
    Good luck on this forum.
    See you soon.

    Progetti per la rete - Bologna
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    • 12 dec 2009, 14:36
    in US everything is different than in Europe. in one hand its easier to get involved or even being in refugee status, to live, work etc. its more easy going in America.
    in case of Slovakia, yes i guess more people are making it as a bridge to pass to west, more west. anyway there are and will be refugees in such countries as Slovakia too.

    about Italy i have some informations too. sure there is fucked up situation. and i know about governments' militarian and hidden racisiic points and strategies.
    you're right. migrants can give much more true and worthly info than media. said members can leave feedback on the quality of life in the country where they want to emigrate. how they know quality of life of the country where they want to emgrate, but still didnt. i mean they didnt see/live there yet?!
    ok i will look throught that site.

    btw, there are here someone from us, coming from a country like Belgium? for example. for me is interesting for example the conditions in this country.

  • The Netherlands

    The more you have, the more you can lose, the more you fear.

    It is very sad, because,
    even when the immigrants are not political,
    they are often the most talented,
    with the most initiative and daring.

    This is a human capital
    that should be used
    for the better of the world;
    not to be put into a mental freezer,
    without virtue, dignity and honour..

    fear makes blind.

    It's al about legality
    & legality is power
    & power is force
    & force is violence.

    (ad perpetua violentia)

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    • 12 dec 2009, 14:42
    you attached here kinda song lyrics, as i understood well?
    its sounds bit controversial anyway.
    so do you know anything by yourself? i mean, i know that in past years Hollnad was one of the most liberal in this question. but recent years they became more cold and ignoring human fates.

    and i would like to add about your last sentences...

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    • 12 dec 2009, 15:19

    No freedom of movement in Germany

    Freedom of movement is a human right!
    In Germany, nevertheless, is valid since 1982 the "residence duty". Refugees may not leave the administrative district assigned to them without permission. If they do it, nevertheless, they are punished with penalties or imprisonments up to one year of jail. Thousands of refugees are concerned by it, about 100 are every year in the prison, only because they have made use of her human right on freedom of movement.

    The aim of the residence duty is to make the life for refugees in Germany so hard as possible. Only in Germany there exists such a racist special law. Residence duty means isolation in remote camps, racist police controls and criminalisation.

    The government of Brandenburg has announced a relief of the residence duty. Asylum-seekers in the running procedure should be allowed to move between Berlin and Brandenburg. However, for refugees with tolerance should not change a lot.

    These changes go not far enough! The residence duty itself must be abolished, without If and, However! The highest time is to be traded!

    There is a demonstration and performance in Berlin at 12. december, for more information look at:
    this website is in german, i have translate the text...

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    • 12 dec 2009, 16:16
    This website is under construction.

  • People usually think that if they move somewhere then someone will solve all their problems, give'em job, home, food, $, entertainment, protection, respect, political rights etc. I think it's egoistic and it's senseless point of view. I know that I'm not welcome anywhere, that's why I solve my own problems by myself.

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    • 12 dec 2009, 18:02
    Well, I think that here in latin america is very different than in Europe. In Argentina for example, people come from other countries and stay here without any troubles. Most of them are from the bordering countries or the rest of south america but people from China,Spain or Italy also come here. Actually, my neighbors are from Colombia!
    Some argentineans complain because inmigrants get free medical atention (and that's the main reason why there are so many immigrants here), they say argentineans should have more priority but we don't.

    @Pablo_Cerve: You're right! América Latina debe unirse!

    You'll be welcome here Streetsunited ;-) Btw, sorry for my bad english :P

  • bulgaria is not the desirable place to live into at least to emigrate . the bulgarians themselfs goes abroad or applying for visa mainly in uk .I mean the small countrys are not very prepared and equipped for receiving refugees . ,something more in countrys like bulgaria the rate of birth is vary much down the the population decreasing very fast and this complicate everything because there s no sufficient rusources i mean human resources to get control of the money form EU or refugees or whatever the system cant mainatain anymore :) interesting fact is that our country is managing well with the tourists who causes a lot of damages every year and are very hard to be supported with finances but the country is not prepared to give shelter to 5 guys from lebanon for example yea this is an oxymoron

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    • 13 dec 2009, 18:43

    I'm from POLAND . In my country were a lot of refugees of Chechnya and the other estern countries. In our country we have also got ethinic groups of peoples like Gypsies . Goverement doesn't take of this problem and coflicts are growing up.

    Thanks for attention .


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    • 17 dec 2009, 00:06
    Something nice to people read, I like this book so much ^^
    reading what you, guys said... I remembered about it:

    Ganz unten by Günter Wallraff.

    There´s a nice movie also, called "Dirty Little things"...

    About my country.. (Im from Brazil)
    here we dont have a real developed nation, but we´re in a better situation comparing to the rest of the countries from south america.

    we´re in a worst situation than part of European countries and US. So here´s the thing...

    We have people leavin our country to live in other places some of them trying to find a better place to live, others just trying to get knowledge and to know other cultures...

    and we also have people coming from
    countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Chile, trying to find better jobs and better a life... or sort of...

    about them I can surely say they´re in a kind of new slavery,

    ** hard work (more time than allowed) with bad conditions
    ** getting a bad salary
    ** bad conditions to live
    ** prejudice, here we have that even with people that was born in our countrie

    (that´s the case from people that lived in notheast and came to south where we have a bigger economy and more "developed" cities)...

    so you can imagine: Like here in São paulo (the city) we have people from Bolivia
    in every corner, so .. sometimes we can hear a Brazilian saying:
    " - I cant handle this people from Bolivia, Chile, or Venezuela"

    whatever, we like to say that we´re always open to all nations, but
    it´s easier to say that when we have Europeans coming to see our carnival, the brazilian beaty or some Latinidad!!

    It´s not so easy to deal with poverty from our neightbours.
    we didnt finish with our problems, some can "think" that way...

    But is not so open, we´ll never say that with proud. I guess most of people wont
    never do that...

    But what Im telling it happens...

    Well about the diplomacy(the govermment)
    in that point I think we´re very open, Im not really into this things,
    but I guess with it dont have any problems about people
    coming to live here, like depporting people.


    Hope would help with a vision about our country, and try to not just think
    that everything I said is totally true, it´s just my point of view...

    take care everyone and keep your freedom spirit alive, and the mind wide open
    to different views and cultures!

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    • 19 jan 2010, 08:11
    Netherlands here.

    We've always been one of the better countries, but this is changing. Last few years, a lot of politicians with anti-immigrant policies have popped up, and they're winning a large part of the population for them. Biggest examples are Pim Fortuyn, Rita Verdonk and Geert Wilders. They never stay long, but there's always a new one to take over their job. Right now, Geert Wilders' party stands at 30 seats (which is about 20% of the votes). Things like this are sad, but the Netherlands have grown to hate immigrants because of the papers. The papers will always portray anything in favor of the Dutch. If a immigrant steals a car, it's in the paper, if a white guy does the same, it's never even mentioned.

    Situation is starting to get worse with every passing week.

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    • 22 jan 2010, 11:05
    I think that Italy is worst, somebody knows how it works about there?

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    • 4 feb 2010, 10:06
    i know some information, although i haven't been there.
    police for example is beating.. in Austria, Spain & Greece too. one of the most fascist bastards.

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    • 1 apr 2010, 08:54
    uvra dumb ass

    Redigerat av en raderad användare den 4 apr 2010, 23:15
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    • 1 apr 2010, 12:22
    @ PresenceIgnored
    as i understood , dutch people are leaving their countries more than there are emmigration from other countries into Holland? thats weird. with what reason dutch people prefer to leave the country?

    Your government has no right for forcly deportation? well maybe, but anyway they do it. the same as other EU countries.

    Illegality is not a crime in Holland? thats a good news if its really so. for example in Germany it is a crime to be Illigal on the territory of Germany.

    in the end would liek to tell you, that this group is not only for peopel who support asylum seekers, who left their country coz of war. from your post (and shout in the shoutbox) i understood you are here for this. its good too, but this group has the main idea that - No One Is Illegal - what means anybody can live anyplace!!! and nobody cant described as Illegal! hope now its clear.

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    • 1 apr 2010, 16:33
    You asked:

    i wanted to ask.. how is the with refugees and immigration in your country?
    what kind of experiance you have(had)? how is the government/political treatment of this aspect in your places.

    I replied.
    What's the fucking problem? You don't know why I'm here, stop judging and trying to read my mind.
    Hope now that's clear.

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    • 2 apr 2010, 10:07
    ye i dont know! why you are here?

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