Current Band Obsessions!

    • j35t sa...
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    • 31 jul 2009, 18:45

    Current Band Obsessions!

    Alright, so I've been doing a lot of posts about Current Band Obsessions. I'm up to Volume 2 right now and I'm currently working on Volume 3, but since we're a group now, I want you guys to place your inputs here. Every band you're beginning to obsess with, be it old or new, post them here. Hell, you could spam the hell out of this topic, but I just need bands to post into my Articles and Journals for this group so we keep up-to-date with things.

    So feel free to suggest bands or artists, guys.


    - Jest.

    "My right to say what I want
    And think the way I wanna think.
    My right, I wanna speak my mind.
    My right to yell, my right to scream.
    My right, no one's ever gonna
    Tell me what I have to do.
    I'll live my life the way I want,
    I don't care about your little world,
    And I can't believe you're telling me
    What's good for me, how do you know what's good?
    And I can't believe you're telling me
    What to believe, get away from me - my right!"

    - Screeching Weasel.
    • iHarm sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 aug 2009, 01:04
    Owl city now.

    The Strokes foreverrrr :)

    Getting back into the Offspring. :D:D

    But if you're gonna dine with them cannibals
    Sooner or later, darling, you're gonna get eaten . . .
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