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    • 10 mar 2009, 15:47

    Suggest and discuss connections

    As we had some discussions about the group's connection let's make a thread for that. So the groups name should be quite self-explaining. "British" is a knock out-condition (other recoms go to the thread "non-british folk wavers). As for "new" and "folk" I admit that this is sometimes hard to decide, so I rely on my feeling most of the time but will share or discuss em with you her.
    Recent decisions (to sum up the shoutbox):

    Connecting Slow Club (kinda new, rather folkish, very british ;) ) and Jay Jay Pistolet (British and new and Franz likes him ;) )

    Not connecting kt turnstall (not "folkish" enough)

    Disconnecting Neil Halstead and Kate Rusby(not "new" enough)

    Roddy Woomble would fall in the latter category as well when thinking of Idlewild, but his solo album is only two years old and feels alot like "new folk"

  • Please connect 'Planet Earth' and also a band called 'Circus Sands' (not to be confused with 'The Circus Sands', who are completely different)
    Circus Sands are really new, and not even signed yet or anything, but from listening to their first couple of free downloads I think they are pretty good!


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    • 16 aug 2009, 13:58
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    • 9 nov 2009, 17:10
    Any1 got an opinion about Helen Boulding? In my eyes she's to poppy and lacks origniality but I guess it's really only a personal dislike that keeps me from connecting her...

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    • 12 dec 2009, 12:09

  • I'd say "new" implies anything post 90's, because every time anyone says "folk" most people think of the 70's uprising, not contemporary musicians. And as for the "folk" part, shouldn't that be everyone in the folk genre? So musicians with lyrics that relate to traditional stories and/or socially common situations and conditions. I've noticed a few of the connected artists aren't, technically speaking, folk musicians, they're just acoustic and/or soft rock.

    Anyway, not trying to be condescending, just trying to help! Here's a few you could add to the connected artists -

    Frightened Rabbit, Tristram, Naomi Hates Humans, Wood and Nails, Whalebone Polly, Rachael Dadd, The Hand, OLO Worms, Meursault, Andrew Davie, Lucy Day, Gemma Hayes, Nat Johnson and Pengilly's

    in accordance to natural law
  • ....and Lupen Crook!

    in accordance to natural law
  • i do agree with canopiesngrapes (even though i'm not familiar with all of the names you're mentioning... gotta change that). hence, i still think Neil Halstead would fit perfectly in here, as do The Leisure Society (the latter are often mentioned in the context of laura marling, and rightly so; although there seems to be no direct connection. "the sleeper" is my favourite album of 2009; it's wonderfully soothing).

    another (scottish) suggestion: Lord Cut-Glass (delgados). lovely album.

    helen boulding? yeah, appears a little too dramatic, poppy/produced and, well, 'catchy' (overly radio friendly) to be classified as "folk" (i'd say it's country-pop or soft rock). but having chris difford and matthew jay among her "friends" on myspace makes her somewhat credible, i reckon.

    camera obscura? yes, please. (even though they're not that folky, are they? rather twee or indie pop, i guess, with little folky particles here and there)

    i'd also like to see Roses Kings Castles (adam ficek) in here. he describes his music as "(sub)urban folk", which is a lovely and suitable term i think.

  • Which Camera Obscura tracks are quite folky? I've never noticed it!

    I really like The Leisure Society, thank you.

  • The Leisure Society are good, and I guess Camera Obscura are more indie, but still very very good.

    Please connect Circus Sands as they are amazing, and unsigned, and their music must be spread and heard by all :)


    • thafranz sa...
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    • 18 jan 2010, 12:51

    Circus Sands

    ... is a great discovery that will match our connections quite well! Thx, Salamander.
    Camera Obscura gets a clear no, at least as this group is concerned cos I agree with Sophie that they haven't quite qualified as folkies yet. If any member of the Glasgow Scene was a fit it'd be Isobel Campbell...

  • Come on, The Leisure Society should definitely be added!

  • Yay for Circus Sands :) And also, I agree... Leisure Society
    Also, Broken Records are fairly folk-tastic x

    • thafranz sa...
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    • 29 jan 2010, 09:27
    xSophieee sagte:
    Come on, The Leisure Society should definitely be added!

    Feel free to add em then, dear Sophie. It's really a shame I got so little time to make discoveries or at least listen to new stuff these days. But that's exactly why I added some co-workers with good taste. Don't be shy - we can still complain after you've added em :P

  • Is this - John Riley - folky enough? EP on spotify/amazon etc, and a full length album in the works, featuring musicians from Emily Barker's band and a few more..

    If you like it, please connect and comment!!


  • You should add The Travelling Band to this group, folk/rock band from Manchester:

  • Is it okay for me to publically complain about Florence and the Machine's inclusion? She's not folk, never has been, doubt she ever will be.

    in accordance to natural law
  • Yeah, she really isn't, nowehere near folk

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    • 23 feb 2010, 12:27
    Complaining is always ok, dear favourite song and somehow it seems to me you are right... will take some more days to contemplate :)

  • Circus Sands unfortunately cease to be :(
    .... However, they exist in a new form, under a new name, with music that is just as brilliant! Please add Alms to our connections. They are amazing.
    Also, are Peggy Sue added? They are sosososososo amazing.

    Thanks :)

  • Right, Florence and the Machine is no longer a connected artist.

    Connected The Miserable Rich, Shoreline, The Travelling Band and Sons of Noel and Adrian instead. And Young Rebel Set for now (they're not really a folk-band, I know... but "If I was" needs to be heard :)).

    Any complaints? ;)

    (Will check out the other recommendations.)

    Redigerad av Cherry_Lane den 21 maj 2010, 11:40
  • Connected Peggy Sue, Alms, and Left With Pictures, as seen on Bandstand Busking (the latter).

  • Ah, brilliant, thank you :)
    Also, awesome choice in connecting Sons of Noel and Adrian they are fantastic!

  • Dear Winesburg for connecting please :)

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