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Ledare: steerpike
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Skapad den: 20 feb 2005
Collective for sensitive souls,gentle warriors,long-haired children,punk revisionists,psychedelic free-folk,surreal compassionists,hypnagogic heroes and noise manipulators.

We are parasites feeding on the disgusting normalness of modern culture

The artists of New Weird America share an affinity with the outsiders of America's musical heritage. They draw inspiration from the sounds captured for posterity in Harry Smith's monumental Anthology of American Folk Music and from the uniquely British pastoral folk of artists such as Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan and The Incredible String Band.
In seeking to create music that exists outside the corporate mainstream machinery this umbrella term also embraces Psych-Pop, Noise, Ambient Drone and Experimental Avant-Rock.
The artist connections for this group are predominantly American but do not preclude roots and branches from other nations.
Real music knows no boundaries.

The group journal is open to all members to post directly - all contributions welcome and automatically accepted.

Only group members can browse and post in the shoutbox. Use this to make random comments or to promote bands, blogs, labels etc.

Please DO NOT USE discussion threads to promote bands, blogs, labels etc - use the shoutbox instead.Any stray posts on discussion boards will be deleted.

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