Naglfar - Sheol 2003

  • Naglfar - Sheol 2003

    Naglfar - Sheol

    Full-length, New Hawen Rec./Century Media
    March 24th, 2003

    Jens Ryden - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
    Mattias Grahn - Drums
    Andreas Nilsson - Guitars
    Kristoffer Olivius - Bass, Vocals
    Marcus Norman - Guitars, Keyboards

    Additional Musicians:
    Nils Johansson - Keyboards

    Recorded in July-August 2001 at Ballerina Audio AB, Sweden.
    Mixed and mastered in April-May 2002 at Ballerina Audio AB, Sweden.
    Engineered by Nils Johansson.

    Front cover design by Cabin Fever Media.
    Photos by Ingrid Sjoberg at Atelje Sandro.
    Layout, logo, and additional artwork by Jens Ryden.

    "Sheol" is the Hebrew word for Hell.

    The Japanese edition features 2 bonus tracks:
    10. Dawn Of Eternity (04:28)
    11. Emerging From Her Weepings (06:31)
    Taken from the 2002 "Ex Inferis" EP.

    Also released on vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

    1. I am Vengeance 05:16
    2. Black God Aftermath 06:28
    3. Wrath of the Fallen 04:52
    4. Abysmal Descent 06:57
    5. Devoured By Naglfar 04:32
    6. Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft 04:46
    7. Unleash Hell 03:31
    8. Force of Pandemonium 05:26
    9. The Infernal Ceremony 01:52

    Total playing time 43:40

    What we have here is a swedish melodic black metal band called Naglfar. Now some might say that Cradle of Filth or Graveworm might have started or even perfected this genre. You obviously haven't heard Sheol yet. The album is full of very interesting musicianship, power and speed. The album conveys quite a dark atmosphere that you will find through out the disk.

    The production here is very clear for a black metal band. Usually with alot of black metal releases its largely influenced by a fuzzier type. The big thing of the production is how the vocals came out as clear as they did, there were points where I was paying more attention to the vocals than I was the rest of the music. With nine tracks on the album I was very impressed with the fact that it weighed in at around fourty three minutes.

    The albums opener was I Am Vengeance. Starts out with a more black influenced riff, and works its way to the drums. In this track it was more drumming that showed the talent than anything else. The way that the whole set is incorporated should set the bar amoung black metal musicians. The song is five minutes of speed, and when I say speed I mean speed. The riffs were changed up a bit in the song, but still kept the same pace/ The vocals were very harsh and fast, and nost of all swedish vocals. This track was very promising, and a great opener for the album.

    The musicianship was very fast. In each the track the riffs didn't sound any where near the same. The riffs however stay on point with the melodic style, if I didnt know where this band was from, I would probley still guess sweden just from how they played their guitars. Once again in black you dont know where bassist is hiding again, so their isn't much to say about that other than he was following the guitar riffs. The drumming however was very technical with a dash of speed. The drumming kept a good pace tempo in every track. With the incorporations of the entire kept, rather than just the snair and bass, the drumming adds fuel to the fire showing off his talents with his work of the cymbals. He does alot of crash and ride hitting while keeping a beat with the snair and bass drum.

    The vocals are harsh, and as I have stated above very swedish. Picture Cradle of Filth Vocals, with a blend of Dark Funeral vocals. Very enjoyable and quite original for a melodic black band. Also I talked about the production of the vocals above as well. The vocals were very well produced. The most clear I have heard vocals on a black metal band in a very long time. The lyrics seem like they consist of a anti christian mythical type. I would liked to see more of an original lyrical them from the band. The lyrics on the album were very uninspired.

    This is fun melodic band. The fact they're from sweden adds points, and the fact that the sheer musicianship is very inspirational and fast is big factor for this band. Century Media did a wonderful job producing this. Now all we need is some work on the lyrics and bass guitarist and we could very well have a solid album.

    Recomended tracks- I Am Vengeance, Wrath of The Fallen, Devoured By Naglfar, and Unleash Hell. The rest of the tracks are good too, but these stood out the most to me


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