NIN remixes by fans - opinions? Recommendations?

  • NIN remixes by fans - opinions? Recommendations?

    I've just started to listen to the recent collection from, where one can host songs they made using the masters Trent gave out. It's called The Limitless Potential and there's a few awesome standouts: Celebutante's and MJ McLean's mix of Survivalism are both great IMO.

    The open source remixes reminded me of Meathead's version of the Hand That Feeds. I was so disappointed when the single came out on radio, but Meathead made it ten times better!

    So, do you like the fan remixes? Think they blow? Have you made any you'd care to share?

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    • Användare
    • 8 dec 2007, 09:19
    I love most of the fan remixes. Halo33 has some really good ones.

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