Learning some SY songs on guitar -

  • Learning some SY songs on guitar -

    hey, I'm just wondering, what're some songs fit for a beginner to learn on guitar?

    just thought I'd ask other fans (:

    I will move away from here
    You won't be afraid of fear
    No thought was put into this
    I always knew it would come to this.

    Things have never been so swell
    I have never felt so well.

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    • 27 jun 2010, 20:26
    i think most sy songs are a bit too complicated for beginners, they really like using weird tunings & effects. i see you like the pixies though, their songs are a lot simpler :)

  • Learning some SY songs on guitar -

    yea, a lot of their songs do use weird tunings but the easiest one i know how to play is sunday. if you wanted to learn some on bass thats a lot easier.

  • Learning some SY songs on guitar

    Get Thurston Moore's first solo album.

    Then go to the official Sonic Youth tab site - it has all the tabs for the album.

    Tuning for all songs is CGDGBB from memory.

    The songs are relatively easy to play.

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