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  • Artists & Albums you enjoy...

    A great Los Angeles band you all should check out is The Happy Hollows There debut album is really worth a listen.. and if you don't like it the first time around I promise it will grow on you. They are also playing free shows all the time if you live in the Los Angeles area.

    Redigerad av LaBelleVie den 2 apr 2010, 13:16
  • Another album I also love is the new Pastels/Tenniscoats album.

    Here a track from the album: Vivid Youth

  • Hey Guys, Check out one of Thurston Moore's favorite bands and my friend's group The Entrance BAND. Last month they played with Thurston at Ecstatic Peace Showcase @ SXSW. You may have also seen them open up for Sonic Youth in the past.

    The Entrance
    Band's Website

    The Entrance Band's
    The Entrance Band's Myspace
    The Entrance Band's Facebook

  • Here's another LA Band For your ears to taste... take a peek at Pocahaunted...

    Pocahaunted's Myspace
    Pocahaunted's Facebook

  • Like My Bloody Valentine & Jesus and Mary Chain? Check out A Place To Bury Strangers. There also really great live...

    A Place To Bury Stranger's Website
    A Place To Bury Stranger's
    A Place To Bury Stranger's Myspace
    A Place To Bury Stranger's Facebook

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