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Group founded to connect Muti Music label fans!

San Francisco has long been a hotbed for emerging trends and technology and spurned a infinite amount of creative minds, the early 21st century saw the emergence of a musical outlet for these techno-organic-tribal-futurist beings with a core belief in the holistic value of vibrational frequencies in the form of Muti Music (medicinal music).

'Muti' taken from the 'bantu' word for 'tree' is used throughout Africa as a term for 'Herbal Medicine' (read more about Muti on Wikipedia).
Artists to look out for on Muti Music are:
An-ten-nae, Audiovoid/LayerZ, Adam John, Bassobese, DOV, Domain_ID, Glitchy & Scratchy, Great Scott, Heyoka, ill.Gates, Inaudible, Kemek, Kether, Klone, Kraddy, Masia One, Mimosa, Nanda, SeventhSwami, Shen, Siren, Subhuman, Subvert, T.O.B., The Realist, and Timonkey.

Muti Music serves as a committed outlet for the commercial release of cathartic, expressionist and transformational frequencies in the form of audio waveforms. Varying use of these waveforms allows producers to create rhythmic compositions that not only enable, but encourage humanoid beings to move and gyrate with ecstatic joy and freedom, thereby providing resolve from the apparent stresses of modern day life.

In the past few years the efforts have been rewarded and 'Muti' has been featured internationally in print media, supported with online and FM radio play, licensed to third parties and proved to be a valuable launch pad for some of the most unique and talented electronic music producers out there and successfully pushed emerging electronic music production trends.

For free tunes, articles, updates, DJ mixes and events check out our Muti website

Muti Music is available globally on most major digital retail outlets as well as easily available for purchase through retailers like Amazon, Addictech, Beatport, eMusic, iTunes, Juno, Trackitdown etc

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