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    23 dec 2014, 13:48 av Erkan-Yilmaz

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    In the "Maestro series" I'm breaking and reassembling music -
    through techniques which aren't confined by the sounds within the music itself.

    - combining violin with piano:
    -- album 3: (youtube,,, 65 mins
    -- album 6: (youtube,,

    - only piano tracks:
    -- album 2: (youtube,,, 70 mins
    -- album 5: (youtube,,

    - only violin tracks:
    -- album 1: (youtube,,, 67 mins
    -- album 4: (youtube,,

    - human sounds (youtube,,
    (in total: 66 tracks, >4h)

    - the links above: also offer on the track pages youtube videos (which you can play inside; you can find all youtube playlists here.
    - also offers torrents for download
    - You want itunes or podcast format? see here
    - sheet music to all composed tracks is available here
    - you can find listeners here
    - see also groups: EYRS and Musicology
    - if you want to see stats, see Erkan Yılmaz ( translates the name into the native one)
    - see my research (practical + theoretical) about similar music to mine

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  • Àrnica + Cuélebre + Keltika Hispanna - Aveiro, 15 Nov. 2014

    6 sep 2014, 18:26 av slavenbilic

  • SilverlagE almost means something. What do you think?

    13 nov 2008, 18:24 av silverlage

    S: (n) silver, Ag, atomic number 47 (a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography)

    Silver is not a true color.
    Silver is the metallic shade resembling gray, closest to that of polished silver.

    The visual sensation usually associated with the metal silver is its metallic shine. This cannot be reproduced by a simple solid color, because the shiny effect is due to the material's brightness varying with the surface angle to the light source. In addition, there is no mechanism for showing metallic or fluorescent colors on a computer. Consequently in art one would normally use a metallic paint that glitters like real silver. A matte grey color like the swatch on this page would not be considered silver.

    The name Argentina comes from the latin “argentum” which means “silver”.

    (=geografische Lage) situation, location

    enge/weite Lage-close/open harmony

    Lage denotes the 'position' of an object in a district or landscape, and therefore coresponds most closely to 'situation' and 'location' alike.
  • My 20th group: Immortal Rock Vocals

    25 nov 2012, 05:20 av musinum

    Be the first on your block to join my very newest group: Immortal Rock Vocalists. The connections are based on two rock lists at Top 100 Male Vocalists & Top 100 Female Vocalists. The connections are complete: the radio is still under construction. Place note that you will hear some non-rock on the radio, because this is based on vocalists who may cross over into gospel, soul, funk, pop, and country. The connections are individual artists, but the radio will include any bands or groups they are associated with: in many cases the band is better known than the singer. The lists are the opinion of the authors and are sure to inspire discussion and dissent. Good! Bring your opinions and your own lists and jump into the fray!
  • LastVJ - scrobble youtube videos -> I am a fan

    30 sep 2012, 13:52 av Erkan-Yilmaz

    I like LastVJ because:

    1. it offers a new way of finding music for me besides
    - recommended radio
    - mix radio

    2. for good tracks: I can peak at the youtube video without time loss
    e.g. no searching, waiting to load, ...

    3. pause button for linux
    well, the beta version of the client offers that, but only for windows or mac :-(

    read more reasons + feedback in my blog
  • A passionate plea

    30 jul 2012, 00:16 av musinum

    I am sending this out to all groups to which I belong. It is not about music, but it is about the world we all live in. It's aimed particularly at my American friends and co-members, but because of America's unique position in the world, it affects everyone and the kind of world we'll all be living in for a long time.

    Group leaders, it's up to you whether you treat this as spam, or post it. I try my best never to spam, but I feel so strongly about this that I'm willing to take the chance.

    I hope that as artists and appreciators of music and other arts, and as people who think and feel for themselves, the majority of us here can appreciate the historic importance of Barack Obama's election to the American Presidency, and the efforts he continues to make (against a very entrenched opposition who represent the interests of the rich and powerful) to make life more livable for the ordinary citizens of the United States and for the rest of the world as well.

    Perhaps some of us who cheered his election four years ago are disappointed that he has not been able to completely transform the world in the ways we had imagined, but as someone who has been involved in social causes for half a century, I can tell you that nothing comes quickly or easily. What is important is the fight and the day-to-day effort.

    I expect that a number of you see the world in exactly the opposite terms, and that an even larger number are not involved in politics and perhaps haen't given a lot of thought to the upsoming election. (I'm speaking primarily to the Americans among you here. Every country has its own issues and its own struggles, and there are brave and hard-working citizens in many countries fighting oppression that we Americans can scarcely imagine!) But what is at stake here is nothing less than the kind of country we will live in for many years to come.

    The message of the right is that if we take care of the rich and privileged, that the crumbs that fall from their table will eventually feed the rest of us. If that doesn't seem right to you, it may be because that particular social experiment was given an extensive trial thru the Reagan administration and thru Bush father and son. The result was disaster.

    What happened was exactly what you might expect when all the safeguards that were built into the system over the years to protect the rest of us from the abuses of money and power, and from greed and corruption, were systematically dismantled. The top tax rate is a small fraction of what it was fifty years ago, and we are being asked to lower it even further, at the price of cutting the services that most first-world countries take for granted: the social safety net, affordable health care, funds for education, care for the environment... the list goes on and on.

    The President has manged to get a good start at pulling this country back from the cliff it was about to fall over... but we are being asked to roll back all that progress and go back to the same things that got us in this mess in the first place. It is as if arsonists have set your house on fire, and then when the firemen are attempting to fight the flames with water, suggesting that we pour on gasoline instead!

    To those of my felliow Americans who feel as I do and want to help, I have set up a grassroots fundraising site with the ambitious goal of $5,000 for the Obama campaign. Any amount helps! My site is here:

    Thanks you,

    Tim Doyle
  • NovaGiger - Seres

    12 jun 2012, 07:54 av obscurefisher

    NovaGiger - Seres

    Thousands of years old and covering huge stretches of inhospitable and unforgiving terrain, this journey from west to east is captured in musical form by Novagiger. Temples, grotto's, caves, bazaar's, still lakes, oases, gardens, tombs, vast deserts, huge cities, the music here moves through these places and marvels at the cultures, the landscapes and the vast empty distances involved.

    Over seven hundred years ago Marco Polo described some of the difficulties of travelling along this ancient route, its otherworldly nature and the enigmatic sounds that may be heard by travellers:

    01 Roman Dawn
    02 Wine Dark Sea
    03 Seleucia
    04 Overland to the Oasis
    05 Jade Gate Pass
    06 City of Sands
    07 The Gansu Corridor
    08 Chang'an City Streets

    available at
  • Mind Plug Records - The 2nd Anniversary ! (free download compilation) out now !

    27 maj 2012, 02:59 av obscurefisher

    Mind Plug Records - The 2nd Anniversary

    Another year has passed with some great new releases. Our special 'birthday present' for you this year is an over 100 min. free dowload compilation that includes exclusive, unreleased and upcoming tracks by artists already known on Mind Plug Records, as well as some new talents.

    Download the Compilation from

    01. Bearstatic - Centipede
    02. Marcel rocha - Water Music
    03. Mehata Sentimental Legend - Asian Resort MidSummer
    04. Aos Crowley - Snow Queen
    05. Tikki Masala - Frequencies of God
    06. Novagiger - Galatea, Larissa and Naiad
    07. Shivacult – Akshepini
    08. Mikans - Ice Sheet
    09. FreeGagaku - Five Layers For Peace
    10. Subterrestrial - Centuries Passed
    11. Chromasonic - Symbiosis#13
    12. Siamgda - Slapdash

    Mind Plug Records
  • Marcel Rocha - Ancient Computer Music

    24 mar 2012, 02:44 av obscurefisher

    ACM” is the translation into sounds of composer Marcel Rocha’sinterpretation of the spiritual world of the people who live in deep connection with nature. With this work, Marcel tries to capture some rhythms that have been ‘danced to’ by the people of the earth since the beginning of time and glues them together through the use of sound manipulation and original music performances.These compositions were created by using ethnic and nature sounds, blending them with electric guitar effects and electronic noises.Marcel likes to think of “ACM” as an appreciation of the non-local Universal Mind.

    01 Coal I 3:44
    02 Alien Bugs in Argelia 6:18
    03 Coal II 2:50
    04 Story of a Birth 9:39
    05 Siamgda – Dancing Berimbau 4:08

    Marcel Rocha: composition, guitars and computer

    Paulo Freire: viola on "Coal I"

    The track "Dancing Berimbau" is a special contribution by Siamgda using source material by Marcel Rocha - sounds like Asia, Europe and South America joining together for a universal dancing celebration.

    Cover Art: Fabiana Ribeiro

    released 15 December 2011

    available at
  • Perfect albums for winter

    30 nov 2011, 09:12 av Harry_01

    This blog entry reflects my opinion of which albums I find suitable for the winter season.
    There are sure more albums, but that are the ones I came up with.
    Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated. ;)

    Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago / Bon Iver, Bon Iver
    Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
    Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
    M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
    Muse - Absolution
    Ólafur Arnalds - Eulogy for Evolution
    Radiohead - Kid A
    Sigur Rós - Ágætis byrjun