Which other libraries might be interesting for you? (work in progress)

  • Which other libraries might be interesting for you? (work in progress)

    I'm building a map of musical neighbours for this group.

    For more info see this example and
    if you want to help: see group 6 degrees.

    For the moment we have this small chain (group members are large font).
    I'll keep this post updated over time (I know one small chain does not tell much yet, but keep thinking of the bigger picture in the future ;-))

    Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

    Erkan-Yilmaz -> altan317 -> renklikalem -> very_foreign -> BlackAmnesias -> ozyreus -> esinesen

    Harry_01 -> mkoutsoubis490 -> kidxchemicals14

    RadioFloyd123 -> ThePunisherGE -> dumshuk -> JunkyardRock -> JeanValjean1830 -> component -> deborah_die

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  • this is one interesting thing, thanks!

    • embers60 sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 apr 2011, 21:36
    hey, im afraid you did not state the purpose of the thing. what are the benefits in short?

    bow before my online ego :O
  • Hello embers60 + leechoflife,

    @leechoflife: thanks for the feedback

    @embers60: thanks for the question
    unhappy with my neighbors:
    see section "why" here , so I started another approach.

    find some interesting group members:
    e.g. you know one group member already + like her library
    then you can look up a neighbour from her in the chain above
    you do not need to search or miss great music

    would not have found otherwise:
    From feedback so far people seem to be happy to find neighbours they'd not have found otherwise: last.fm's weekly update seems not good enough or works strange...

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  • Interesting idea - tried both radios and my thoughts are:
    fernandodio: Lots of artists I had heard already but one or two new ones that I found interesting
    zeitenzauberer: Many artists I had not heard before, most of which did not appeal despite our tastes being 'Super'.

  • Alan, thanks for the feedback.

    I'll send you now a list of much more artists who also have you in a higher place.
    I assume: since zeitenzauberer (11) was 4 places below than fernandodio (7), that also has shown effects for you while listening

    The list you'll get now has positions 1,3,4 and then 8 users between position 10-20, ...

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  • This looks quite an interesting project. My own neighbours list seems to be based on a very narrow selection of artists, most of which I have played a lot recently.

    Anyway, at the moment I am listening to the library of ratmankey. I am quite high in his neighbours list, but he doesn't appear in mine at all. Our compatability is stated to be Medium.

    I heard a range of music I was familiar with - a handful ofpunk bands and many that would fit under the genral description of "Indie". Of those, ratmankey's taste tended more towards Grunge / Alt Rock / Post-Hardcore than what I regularly listen to, so I got to hear several artists of interest. I also heard quite a lot of music I don't normally listen to - Soul / Funk / Pop and some Hip-Hop.

    Our tastes quite clearly overlap in just a few areas, so the medium compatability rating was I think fair. Overall, I listened for just under 5 hours while doing other things. Such a listeners library is fine in those circumstances, but for dedicated listening I would probably want someone with higher compatability.

    My other recommended neighbour does have that, and I will post again when I get the chance to check his library some time later this week. I'll probably also do the same for one of my own neighbours to compare at some time as well.

  • Rob, a very detailed feedback. Thank you
    I've just sent another musical neighbour for you :-) Let's see your next analysis,

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

  • Very interesting information! Thank you!

    • AZADIBOK sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 jun 2011, 22:43


    Very interesting! Thank you for trying to optimize existing opportunities! =)

  • You can also filter personal libraries by tags now, so you can e.g. only listen to the classical music of any Last.fm user. See this support forum thread for more info, as it is not fully implemented in Last.fm yet.

  • Thanks for the info :-)

    "as it is not fully implemented in Last.fm yet."
    see here also for easy access of this

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    • ydebru sa...
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    • 19 nov 2011, 11:35

    What's in it for me?


    That seems to be the number one thing. I can say that about my experiences with last.fm. Although I'm not schooled in this science, my rudimentary grasp of the subject enabled me to reach goals in creating a successful social networking scene, far superior to facebook or myspace.

    I feel rewarded with regard to the musical experience, and most of the people I've interacted with, have enjoyed a mutually beneficial state of awareness.

    As far as this group is concerned, although I don't understand it all, I find the hidden tools to last.fm, accessible through this group, to exceed previously held expectations regarding last.fm.

    I have one neighbour in this group. The music is good, but it amuses me, because these are tunes I have forgotten about, for decades, literally.

    I also appreciate that last.fm is tolerating everything going on here. It either shows great awareness and acceptance on their part, if they know what's going on, or conversely the opposite, if we are completely 'under the radar.'

    So, once again, thanks for creating this group.

    "I confess, I do not believe in time."

    - Vladimir Nabokov
    • Elenhil sa...
    • Användare
    • 17 jan 2012, 18:50


    The miracle I expected from your soulmates tool didn't happen. What is the point of recommending me a user which listened 2500+ times to_one_ of the artists I listen to? The rest of artists we "have in common" are mere 10-50 listening times each. Needless to say, that is not a "soulmate". It is a rather lopsided fan of a particular artist I happen to listen, too, though nowhere near that often.

  • how about my group?

    I have attempted to start a ethnomusicology group. Do you want to link up our libraries?



    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Evelyn Beatrice Hall
  • @racheln92
    I joined your ethnomusicology group, thank you very much

    Did you see already that there are 2 older ethnomusicology groups (see here), though they may be not "so active" anymore :-(

    What do you mean with "Do you want to link up our libraries?" ?

    member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

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