Please READ FIRST: Some Basic Rules

    • lelemelo sa...
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    • 30 apr 2009, 23:52

    Please READ FIRST: Some Basic Rules

    1) Be constructive on your comments, and respectful, even if you don't enjoy the style, try to learn something from the tune and say for example something you like and something you didn't like as much.

    2) Only one song per post, afterwards you can post another song on a different post.

    3) Don't be too simple on your ratings/comments, try to avoid stuff like "Good", "I like it"....always try to give some kind of argument or whatever.

    4) The songs posted must be original recordings by the same artist posting, and free for all to listen.

    5) Always keep in mind that the purpose of this group is to support each other, not to highlight one self or else.


    • lelemelo sa...
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    • 4 maj 2009, 17:48
    Hi Bullfrog, thanks so much for joinning and participating.

    This is not the right thread to post/comment songs though, that should be done here:

    Don't forget to listen and comment the song before you and then place a link to your song.

    I'm closing this thread so there won't be more confussion.


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