!RECOMMENDATIONS!: Your local bands !!!

  • !RECOMMENDATIONS!: Your local bands !!!

    Recommend your band also in this thread:


    my recommendation is:

    Animal Jazz (St.Petersburg, Russia)

    this band from my native city! and i'm happiest man in the world that I discovered them several years ago and listen to them till now!

    ENJOY !!!

    Двое (eng: two of us)

    here are some of their covers:
    Portishead (The RIP)
    Depeche Mode (Free Love)
    Placebo (Every You Every Me )
    Korn (Freak on a Leash)
    Bjork (Play Dead)
    John Lennon (Real Love)
    U2 (Bullet the blue sky -from 4:00)
    Nirvana (Smels like teen spirit)
    Coldplay (Clocks -from 2:50)
    Duran Duran (Cone undone)
    RHCP (Parallel Universe)
    RHCP and Limp Bizkit

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    • 9 apr 2011, 10:51
    ok,so check this


    once i meet them in summer festival
    and loved on stage

  • etcte
    they are from Krakow?

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    • 12 apr 2011, 10:50
    OrangePlanetU2, i'm here now.you know,i don't know exactly,i don't remember.let's see:)

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    • 12 apr 2011, 11:10
    on mySpace they have Kraków:D

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    • 13 apr 2011, 11:02
    • el_tigro sa...
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    • 16 maj 2011, 23:30
    • anadm sa...
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    • 28 maj 2011, 23:16
    O Lendário Chucrobillyman (sort of garage blues, but a multi-instrumentist one-man-band, quite something to see live), Mecanotremata (industrial) and Ovos Presley (punk/psychobilly) are the best casualties of my generation IMHO.

    Where I live now, Puente (jug) is about the only interesting thing I've seen so far.

    • Ciacchi sa...
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    • 5 jul 2011, 07:18
    Dalva Suada

    It's a band from my city (João Pessoa), in Northeastern Brazil. They play a stoner rock with influences of the native roots music, shades of the manguebit movement, a lot of psychedelia.

    You can download their most recent album here:

    Dada smells of nothing, nothing, nothing.
    It is like your hopes: nothing.
    Like your paradise: nothing.
    Like your idols: nothing.
    Like your politicians: nothing.
    Like your heroes: nothing.
    Like your artists: nothing.
    Like your religions: nothing.

    also: http://odhecaton.blogspot.com/
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    • HugoCrl sa...
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    • 15 apr 2012, 15:31

    Minor Star

    Minor Star is an Italian trio mixing various influences, from rock to dream pop, from new wave to electro, creating a dreamlike and energetic sound. Download their first studio recording "Tomorrow" Tomorrow

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    • 2 maj 2012, 03:49

    Great local band from Indianapolis. Really nice people, pretty Pink Floyd influenced. Great, great band.

  • Tellavision from Hamburg

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