Welcome MuseLivers!

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    • 28 mar 2007, 17:11
    yo dudes i was meant to join this ages ago but i forgot last.fm was actually here....my bad :/

  • I'm slowly becoming rather addicted to stalking people's music tastes, lol.

    I'm flickering_shadow on muselive, by the way ;)

    "It ate pickled nose cartilage that fell from the ceilings, a porkskin drizzle unnerving the humans."
  • WOW! that's impressive!

  • MuseLivers on Last.fm?

    We seem to be taking over the world! We're absolutely everywhere! O:

    (I'll take a cue from Madi - I'm Starcrossed on the ML boards.)

  • salut muselivers :D

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    • 15 maj 2007, 04:21
    Konnichiwa :D
    i'm MOOxMOO.

    I think.

    I use a lot of MOOs with a lot of Xs in internet forums, depending on if they're taken or not.
    my icon is a red fox that bobs his head left to right and gets very annoying after a while.
    just like meeeee :D

    • lewski26 sa...
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    • 16 maj 2007, 14:50
    hmmm.....i best wipe my feet before entering!!!

    hello to everyone on muselivers its nice to see you all hehehe

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    • 12 jun 2007, 08:37
    hi MuseLivers!

  • Just joined XD

  • I wonder when muselive is gonna be back... I'm missing it. :(

  • Hello!

    I'm maharba1147 on muselive. :D

  • hi everyone i'm paola on muselive

    • jpx52 sa...
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    • 18 sep 2007, 00:26
    Heya Muselivers!

    I'm Contipheral on muselive.

    "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent."
  • A hoy hoy.

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  • Muse Muse and Muse *-*

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