Convert tags to MP3-tags (for iTunes etc.)

  • Convert tags to MP3-tags (for iTunes etc.)


    I am looking for a way to convert the belonging to an album or artist to the "genre" tag of local MP3 tags/files. (for use in iTunes etc.)

    Does anybody know of a tagging-tool (Mp3tag, Tag&Rename, iTunes-add-on, etc...), which can do that? (ideal: automatically for the whole library)
    Or is there a mp3-player-software which supports this? (I know Songbird has some lastfm functionality, but in the last version that I tried this was not supported)

    Thanks, best wishes,

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 5 aug 2009, 11:00
    That's exactly what I am looking for. As there are many weird tags, I only want the top 8 tags for each song to be included as genre tags into my local mp3 library.

  • Last MP3 Tagger

    There's free utility that uses data to complete ID3 tags. It also selects the most tagged label as the genre.

    • nhakimi sa...
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    • 19 maj 2010, 10:39

    How bout for mac??

    would love to do the same

  • MusicBrainz Picard

    ...can do it as well. It is a free (but great!) tagging tool for Mac, Win, Linux... note, that the lastfm function is a plug-in. Check their website for advise. Cheers d

  • Unfortunately "Last MP3 Tagger" did not work for me :(
    it gave me a weird exception

    • rrdh sa...
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    • 26 jun 2010, 16:55
    doesn't work here, either.

    • PS1992 sa...
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    • 28 jul 2010, 15:59

    something similar can be done with Mp3tag (see the quote below).
    The most used tags for the artist. I think its also possible to use the tags of the song but you might get help at the Mp3tag forums.
    Here's a quote of another post I made here in the discussion of the Mp3tag group.

    PS1992 wrote:

    its partially possible.
    You can use a Web Sources Script for Mp3tag to add the artist picture from to your mp3-files.
    The Script also offers the possibility to import the most used genres the artist has been tagged with on Thereby ist possible to import only the "top tag" or eg the 3 most used tags.
    This script can be found here in the mp3tag forums.
    A little tutorial for chaning the amount of tags being imported can be found here.
    After saving the tags to your files you should be able to play around with them using itunes.


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