New Members??

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    • 30 dec 2006, 19:14

    New Members??

    I thing we need some new members! Where are the mountain bikers?? :o)

  • Go forth and spread the word of the Mountain Bikers group! Post about us on all the forums you regular, mail other members of our MTB community and generally let the people know...

  • Hi chaps

    Well this is a nice surprise...musos and mtbers

    Got sick of the mtb forums coz there's too many people on there looking for a barney. You're not gonna fight with me are you? ;)

    ...but what do you mean it's not our generation any more. I can still roll
  • No, not fighting here, and you're right about forums, they always turn nasty. I think this little peice of the interweb should be a harmonious one where mountainbiking music lovers live in peace... I have a dream...!

  • New member and new rider here - after far too many years away from a bike.

    With a few good friends and my brother both actively riding, miles of beautiful trails mere minutes from the house and a professional mom & pop bike shop within spittin distance; I've found nirvana!

    UnderKnown Artists you might like?

    we're all a little broken... just like
  • Hey \m/ new member, how's it going?

    How easy is it to deny the pain of someone else's suffering?
  • I'm new!

    I'm from Santa Barbara, CA. I race downhill & slalom, ride xc, dirt jump, street, ... - i take pictures.
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