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    anyone been listening to the efy cds?
    im a convert and i love being in the church.
    im addicted. ;D

  • I like some EFY songs, but many of them are a little bit too cheesy for me, and a lot are pretty cookie-cutter in their structure and vocal style. There are some definite stand-outs, though. Few CDs could get me as excited about the day on my mission as some of the EFY ones could.

  • I never got to go to EFY... had never heard the word 'til I was 16, and that summer it was too late to sign up. the next summer I was at BYU. I can only assume BYU is just like a 6 year EFY.

    I don't own any EFY CDs, but I love the Seminary CDs, and i assume they're pretty similar. The EFY ones are less cookie-cutter because they're not put out by the church, so they have Greg Simpson and Ryan Shupe and whatever...

  • I've always wanted to listen to them, but I've never gotten around to it :)

    ♫Relient K is love♫

  • efy is good usually this years is kind of lame it reminds me to much of the radio. the old stuff is the good stuff like back 5 or so years. if you like that kind of stuff i would suggest that you look into other things like nashville tribute to joseph. it rocks. how long have you been in the church?

    Please leave a suggestion for a band if you stop on my page. I am always looking for a good band to listen to .
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