strange thing...

  • strange thing...

    So early this morning I listened to Fennesz album "Venice", I listened the whole album from the beginning to the end, offline mode, scrobbling set to 50%. OK.

    Ten hours later I listned to the same album again.Whole album, offline, 50%. Then I switched into online mode to send all 22 tracks (11 from the morning session + 11 from the evening session) to my profile.

    Strange thing I saw on my profile... Here I have 11 recently listened tracks. What? I listened like 22 tracks today, why only 11? screenshot / recently played tracks

    When I entered into my Fennesz plays from this week - I saw the list with 11 titles from this album with every track played twice - this is correct, but why 'recently listened tracks' only contains 11 of them ?? screenshot / artist play count
    All tracks were scrobbled eventually but 'recently listened tracks' list on your profile displays them as single scrobble tracks. Quite confusing I'd say.

    Is it possible to search for an artist or a track without having them in your log and to leave a shout on their page?
    Currently it's not a problem if you have this artist scrobbled, because once listened it stays in you log there is an option to leave a shout. But what I I want to find a specific artist and leave a shout without listening to him ?

    • hvk sa...
    • Abonnent
    • 4 maj 2012, 04:39

    How to search for and shout at an artist

    Options -> Search -> Artists -> [artist name] -> OK -> [select artist] ->
    Options -> View -> Shoutbox ->
    Options -> Shout -> Shout at -> etc.

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