How did you discover Patton?

    • baacardi sa...
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    • 12 jan 2011, 03:21
    Saw the music video for Epic.
    Forgot about FNM for a while.
    Picked up Angel Dust.
    Enjoyed it.
    Got into Faith No More.
    Had a fascination with 'what is actually so great about Patton?'.
    Bought the S/T Bungle album.
    Realised what was so great about Patton.
    Then gradually the weirder stuff like Fantômas became more accessible to me and I started trying to find everything he'd done.
    I now have about 30 CD's of Patton.

    I also got an Ipecac addiction...

  • Firstly I saw videos on television to songs - Epic, Midlife crisis and then I bought a cassette tape in the market (Angel Dust). That was in 1992. Great times anyway :)

  • Re:It goes deeper and changed my life

    flyinarrow said:
    Loved Faith No More from the beginning. Then my best friend Jimmy- one who I am extremely in debt to, introduced me to Mr Bungle....It (they) completely changed, litterally altered my life. I have always been into different music but back in the 80's and 90's it was so hard to find. Jimmy got me started with Mr Bungle- then Milk Cult- then Secret Chiefs-then Tomahawk and you can guess the rest from there. All this music has as I said before altered, changed- everything about me. I owe my life to Jimmy for introducing, knowing how it would affect me, to all of this. Jimmy was not only a fan but lived very much like the music of the above mentioned. Chaos- boundry shattering, passion, defiance, progress, love, hate, everything to the limit. Unfourtunately he is no longer with us- but he lives in me through the music that he got me into.

    oh my goodness i'd never heard of milk cult or secret chiefs, i just checked out a song by milk cult called psychoanalytwist and it's awesome!

    • macunni2 sa...
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    • 14 aug 2011, 13:56

    Glad To Had Been Trendy

    I was exposed to Mr. Bungle (MB) in the early two thousands only due to a blog/review of a SlipKnot (SK) album stating that MushroomHead (MH) fans were throwing batteries at SK and how MB was the first "Heavy Metal" band to be dress in costume while performing. Some people like to believe that MH had done it all first and these fans hated SK because of the costumes.
    I am glad people don't know what they are talking about half the time and I decided to check out my Mr. Bungle and discover Mike Patton's talents.

    Link to artical:

  • mike patton one of the greatest singers of all time

    i first discoverd this god from faith no more as many people have and i then started listening to all his great side projects like fantomas,tomahawk, mondo cane, peeping tom and mr bungle and thought they were all great but i really wish faith no more would reform but i am looking forward to the new fantomas live album should be gud

  • faith no more (probably it was evidence)
    then mr. bungle and other stuff...
    i remember that when i first heard mike's voice i thought: "omg! what a voice! " for this time i become a huge patton obsess. it was love. and it still is. he is the best vocalist in the world.

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