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    29 feb 2012, 01:10 av Poison_Creeper

    Updates and news in my life on...The City of Dis

    and more music on Threads of the Invisible
  • Brave exhibition Fundraiser Grandeur setlist

    7 mar 2010, 23:29 av Poison_Creeper

    Suicide - Cheree
    Zola Jesus - Sink The Dinasty
    Lydia Lunch - When I'm Loaded
    Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots
    Die Haut - Tokyo Express
    Pere Ubu - Final Solution
    Carcrash International - Nightland
    Siglo XX - Individuality
    The Three Johns - King Car
    Fad Gadget - Love Parasite
    Pankow - I'm Lost, Little Girl
    Diamanda Galas - Double Barrel Prayer
    Test Department - The Crusher
    Throbbing Gristle - Something Came Over Me
    Einsturzende Neubauten - Was ist, ist
    SPK - Slugun
    Satori - Eruption

  • Thee Liberty Snake 23.02.10

    24 feb 2010, 01:44 av Poison_Creeper

    Aleister Crowley - Excerpt from the Gnostic Mass
    Novy svet - The World, the Flesh and the Devil
    Bain wolfind - Corruption is the Currency
    AIT! - Cosmic Swastika
    Pankow - I'm lost, little Girl
    November Növelet - Magic
    Chris and Cosey - Heartbeat
    Adult. - Kick in the Shin
    Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Ice Cream To God
    Kas Product - One of a Kind


    PTV- Unclean
    SPK - Kontakt
    Haus Arafna - Für Immer
    Genocide Organ - John Birch Society
    Rasthof Dachau - Kompression Der Gegenwart
    Thorofon - Riot Dictator
    Brighter Death Now - Moribund
    Helios Creed/Genesis P-Orridge - Book Of The Highest Initiation

  • ILLFM Broadcast 12.02.10

    12 feb 2010, 19:20 av Poison_Creeper

    Book Of The Highest Initiation - Featuring - Helios Creed Vocals - Genesis P-Orridge
    MERZBOW - feedyellow mix.1
    Green Faction Army - Western Failure
    Sutcliffe Jugend - Pigmother
    Brighter Death Now - Adipocere
    Genocide Organ - Partia Y Libertad
    rasthof dachau - Fenris' Erben
    SPK - Chamber Music
    Laibach - Dogs Of War
    Test Dept. - Total State Machine
    Coil - The Last Amethyst Deceiver

    ILLFM Webpage
  • Harsh Fiesta Celebration - Malta - The Setlist

    5 feb 2010, 10:44 av Poison_Creeper

    Satori - Eruption

    Die Form - Reflex

    Kristus Kut - Take me I'm all yours

    Club Moral - Here Lives my house

    Sleep Chamber - Dream Ov Life

    Brighter Death Now - Adipocere

    Stirner - Sex Fix

    Coil - It's in my Blood

    Clock DVA - The Unseen

    Chris and Cosey - Driving Blind

    Fad Gadget - For Whom The Bell Tolls

    Suicide - Ghostrider

    Cabaret Voltaire - Obsession

    Zola Jesus - Sink the Dinasty

    SPK - Baby Blue Eyes

    PanSonic - Machinist

    TG - Hamburger Lady

    Test Dept - Sweet Sedation

    Swans - Mother/Father

    DAF - Sato Sato

    Nitzer Ebb - Backlash

    EN - Was ist, ist

    Laibach - Alles gegen Alles

    LeatherStrip - Fit for Flogging

    Big Black - Bad Penny

    Foetus - Need Machine

    Young Gods - Gasoline Man

    Chrome - Abstract Nympho

    Pankow - Warm Leatherette

    Killing Joke - Turn To Red

    Ministry - Land of Rape and Honey

    KMFDM - Attack Reload

    Bile - Head

    Fear Factory - Remanifacture

    Neurosis - In Silver Through Blood

    Skinny Puppy - Dig It

    Punish Yourself - Gay Boys in Bondage

    NIN - Heresy

    RevCo - Do You Think I'm Sexy?
  • 03.12.09 ILLFM Tune Out, Drop In! Live set @ The Others, Stoke Newington, London

    4 dec 2009, 10:05 av Poison_Creeper

    ILL FM Setlist 03.12.09

    Clock DVA – Sonology Of Sex II
    Crash Worship – Procession
    Wertham – Antisocial N.1
    Disciplina Urbana – Esprote Sangrento
    Satori – Eruption
    Sz Berlin - Zur Sicherung des Vormarsches des Sozialismus
    Zaghurim – Shower Scene
    Pimentola - Sairaus Ryömii Silmistäsi Sisään
    Die Form – Enforced Sex
    Mental Plastic Body Filler – Annoy ‘till I’m Happy
    SPK – Baby Blue Eyes
    Test Dept – Total State Machine
    Laibach – Država
    PTV – Unclean
    Cabaret Voltaire – Wait and Shuffle
    Chris and Cosey - Gardens of the Pure
    H.N.A.S. - Was Wir Von Cassetten Halten 2 / Einen Tag In Jürjens Haut
    Clock DVA - Velvet Realm
    Swans – I am the Sun
    Throbbing Gristle – Persuasion USA
    Coil – It’s in my Blood
    Kristus Kut – The Dancing Ones
    Borghesia - Previše Tenzije
    In Slaughter Natives – Punishdown
    Astra Autisma – Forgive me…and forget Forever

  • Brave Exhibition How Cold (R U ) Really? - Setlists -

    3 dec 2009, 16:06 av Poison_Creeper

    DJ SpeakMarauder

    - “Oublier” Trop Tard

    - “My Own Way” Bunker Strasse

    - “Film Noir” Theatre

    - “Des Poils Sur Moi” Masoch

    - “Radio War” Die Unbekannten

    - “Today” Baroque Bordello

    - “Wanda’s Loving Boy” Marquis De Sade

    - “Nightfall” Mary Goes Round

    DJ Poison Creeper

    - “Business Business / Fragile Object” Cultural Decay

    - “Don’t Eat Sweets” Mekano Set

    - “What Are You Looking At?” R Stevie Moore

    - “A Heart That Breaks” SPK

    - “Flesh” A Split Second

    - “Lesbische Voodoo Teenagers” Norma Loy

    - “Cites Perdues” Neva

    - “Unit” Logic System

    - “If I’m Not A Killer” End of Data

    - “No Escape” Cabaret Voltaire

    - “Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal” Deutsch Amerikanischen Freundschaft

    - “Pleurs Final” Bossa Luce

    DJ Sass

    - “Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal” Conrad Schnitzler

    - “A City” Love Motel

    - “The Pimp” Syntax Erik

    - “All Out Of Order” Nite Jewel

    - “Under Your Spell” Desire

    - “Echoes Fade” Poeme Electronique

    - “Erde 80” Christof Glowalla

    - “I See You” Craig Sibly

    - “?” ABC

    - “Love Caboose” Geneva Jacuzzi

    - “Garlands” Cocteau Twins

    DJ Pony Girl

    - “Drache Und Baum” Neue Weltumfassende Resistance

    - “No, Nothing, Never” Dark Day

    - “Stranger” Clan of Xymox

    - “Faceless” Frozen Autumn

    - “Foregone” Sleep Museum

    - “The Game” Linear Movement

    - “The Seasons Are Sitting On Chairs” Arvid Tuba

    - “Metal Field” S.P.K.

    - “Helden Sterben Nie Allein” Tommi Stumpff

    - “Je Suis Passee” Hard Corps

    - “Ascent” Martial Canterel

    - “Ersatz” Guerre Froide

    DJ LVR

    - “Eyes of Glass” East Wall

    - “Waiting for Reaction” Silent Signals

    - “Come Back to Sahrah” End of Data

    - “Electricity” Gertrud Stein

    - “Never Seen” Absolute Body Control

    - “Glowing in the Dark” Experimental Products

    - “Hot Shot” Vive La Fete

    - “Corre Corre” Medio Mutante

    - “Miss Love” Nine Circles

    - “Automatic 1” Absolute Body Control

    - “In Times of Persistence, Pain” Sleep Museum

    - “Non-senti” Xeno & Oaklander

    - “Mercenaire Solitaire” Moderne

    - “Five Faces” Linear Movement

    - “Crash” Kas Product

    - “Flesh Golem” The Golem

    - “How Cold (R U)?” No Kisses

    - “We Know How to Have Fun” ADULT
  • Train of Thought Setlist

    20 nov 2008, 14:55 av Poison_Creeper

    Mer 19 Nov – The Train of Thought II
    Neu! - After Eight (S)
    Kas Product -? (V)
    the Royal Family and the Poor - Dark and Light (S)
    Shockheaded Peter - Miserable (V)
    Factrix - Theme For Now (S)
    Suicide - Misery Train (V)
    PTV - Interzone (S)
    Coitus Interruptus - (?) (V)
    Diaframma - Disagio (S)

    ~ H. R. T. on stage ~

    Cranes - Sun and Sky (V)
    Lydia Lunch / Clint Ruin - Clinch (S)
    HTRK - Look what's has been done (V)

    ~ Abstinence and Sensibility on stage~

    Asylum Party - Julia (S)
    Minimal Compact - Next one (is real) (V)
    Spleen and the Flesh Machine - Masochism(S)
    Souxsie - Hall of Mirrors (V)

    ~ Wrapped in Plastic on stage ~

    Suede - She (S)
    Les Georges Leningrad - FIFF (V)
    Glaxo Babies - Avoiding the Issue (S)
    Shleimerk - Hope Deep Inside (V)

    ~ SPC-ECO on stage~

    Stromble Fix - Icicles (S)
    My Bloody Valentine - ?(V)
    Chapter House - She is a Vision (S)
    Portishead - Train Machine (V)
    Jesus and Mary Chain - You Trip Me Up (S)
    Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes again (V)
    Wire -The 15th (S)
    The Cure - ? (V)
    Sonic Youth - My Friend Goo (S)
    Section XXV - Death Disco (V)
    Pixies - Debaser (S)
    Joy Division - 24 hours (V)
    Malaria! - You You (S)

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  • Psychic TV Live

    2 dec 2008, 23:27 av Poison_Creeper

  • [from BIM FEST ] Catholic Boys in Heavy Leather, Vomito Negro and Klinik Pictures

    23 dec 2008, 11:27 av Poison_Creeper

    Sat 20 Dec – Belgian Independent Music Festival

    for the moment it is just these 3 bands, more to come for Cassandra Complex, No More, the Names, Plastic Noise Experience.

    Thanks so much for everyone we met and laughed and danced and drunk with, it was a mamorable experience! :D