Metal Reccomendations Thread

  • Black metal fans:

    Black Messiah.

    German viking black metal, with fiddles. =o

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 1 aug 2009, 00:47
    If you haven't already, Cavalera Conspiracy.

  • got much bands in your profile :O.
    hm, how about misery speaks

    • Sharkuu sa...
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    • 14 aug 2009, 14:17
    Highly Recommened:

    Agalloch (Folk Metal/Post-Rock)
    Insomnium (Doomy Melodeath)
    Summoning (EEEEPPPPIIIICCCCC ambient Black Metal)
    Disembowelment (Ambiental Doom/Grind)
    Ulver (Neofolk Black Metal, only 1st album)

    Some other recommedations:

    Ásmegin (Viking Metal)
    Ensiferum (Viking Metal)
    Skepticism (Funeral Doom)
    Arcturus (Avant-Garde Metal)
    Windir (Black Viking Metal)
    Emperor (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
    Lykathea Aflame can mix the brutality of brutal death metal with cleaner acoustic sections.

    Some artists that aren't well known, but are great imo, but you have to be a little,openminded

    In Lingua Mortua (Meloblack with various influences, like film music, jazz and folk)
    Throes of Dawn (Dark Metal)
    Profanum (A black metal band that decided to not use any guitars or bass and instead use instruments like violin and piano)
    Fist in Fetus (Prog Death Metal with classical music influences)
    Elffor (Epic medieval ambient black metal)

    This is mostly melodic, so dont come looking for ultra brutal metal and it's just my opinion of the bands =]

    • Emtay13 sa...
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    • 19 aug 2009, 21:49
    Sorry if any of these are repeats, tl'dr.

    Hellveto - one-man-band, black metal
    Dark Moor - power metal, but only Elisa Martin-era.
    Angra - power metal
    Aquaria - power metal
    Winds - for fans of Arcturus, Subterranean Masquerade, and progressive or orchestral metal
    Tiamat - Check out Wildhoney, very atmospheric
    Haggard - Orchestral metal
    Xystus - power metal

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    这样你还要 还要爱我吗
    我不要回答 我只要听

    ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ
    • janosur sa...
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    • 4 okt 2009, 09:35
    Angertea from Hungary

  • Axxis - Melodic Heavy Metal
    Sonic Syndicate - Modern Melodic Death Metal

  • Moonspell - one of my fv black metal band
    Cacophony - speed metal band with the best guitar player EVAR (jason becker)
    Stratovarius - my fv power metal band
    Testament - pure trhash metal
    Dio - (everybody knows dio XD)
    Kalmah - best melodic death metal band EVAR
    Sepultura - another pure thrash metal band

  • Trouble - Great Doom Metal
    Jungle Rot - Old School Death Metal in Modern Era
    The Forsaken - A More Agressive Touch to Melodic Death Metal
    Solient green - Grindcore with Sludge Metal Influences
    Nailbomb - Side Project of Max Cavalera -
    Industrial/Thrash Metal
    Havoc Unit - Industrial/Death/Black Metal
    Warbringer - Old School Thrash Metal in Modern Era
    Goatwhore - Old School Black Metal in Modern Era w/ Sludgy Influences

  • Pathway to Madness


  • ColdWorld--> Depressive Black Metal/Ambient Black Metal
    Farsot --> Black Metal
    Thränenkind --> ♥ them
    Sad Legend
    Pighead --> Slam Death from Germany
    The Faceless --> Technical Death Metal

    Als der Himmel sich schwärzte fielen unsere Brüder..
    Redigerad av introvertiert den 27 jan 2010, 19:17
  • Shade Empire (Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal)
    Stormlord (Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal)
    She Said Destroy (Technical/Progressive Death Metal)
    Ignominious Incarceration (Melodic/Technical Death Metal)

    violent, aggressive thrash metal, in a similar vein to modern-day Slayer. Great new band, my favorite.

    Only a Shadow Remains<--Thrash Metal
  • pitch black - trash metal from portugal
    Heavenwood - Gothic Metal from portugal
    Hamlet - Metal Band from spain
    korpiklaani - folk metal from finland
    Rage - heavy metal from germany
    Sepultura - thrash from brasil
    Testament - Thrash heavy metal from USA
    Unearth - metalcore from USA

  • Some Great Bands I've discovered are:

    Mutiny Within ( Metalcore/ Classic Metal)
    Boys with X Ray eyes (Hardcore Punk)
    The Devil's blood (Classic metal/ Hard rock)

  • Necramyth(Death Metal from South Korea)
    Rudra (Vedic themed Death Metal from Singapore) Channel for Myanmar Underground Metal!
  • to all fans of progressive death metal

    In the woods-Norway
    Carbonized Sweden (duh!)
    Crystalic just the Watch us deteriorate album- Finland
    Phlebothomized Sweden!!!
    In Vain this one is a bit more blacker
    Sculptured USA , side project from Don Anderson from agalloch

    to Technical death fans

    Act of Gods France
    Sickening Horror Greece
    Obscura just in case you haven't listened to them yet - Germany
    Man Must Die Scotland
    Masachist- Poland
    Jack Slater Germany
    Domination Through Impurity
    Pitbulls in the Nursery France

    • Beav sa...
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    • 26 maj 2010, 04:18
    Caustic Soda Rape - My Brutal Death Metal Band.
    Primordial - celtic pagan doom folk black metal (f*cking long ass genre)
    Creator Destroyer Tech death
    Nyhetsvarsel - Acoustic Black Metal (lol)

    Tell me how much we fucking suck.
  • Kiuas - Can't believe nobody mentioned this band. They are awesome!

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 2 jul 2010, 19:42
    Haken - prog metal. Not as heavy as a lot of the recommendations but Aquarius is definitely one of the best albums of 2010, IMO.

  • Dirty Woman

    Hi everybody, i would like to share with you "Demon Lover", the new album of my stoner-metal band Dirty Woman.
    Feel free to download at:

    Chek out the band at Myspace:
    and Facebook:

    Cheers from Mexico City!

    Cheers from Mexico City!

  • Marya Roxx

    Long live Marya Roxx!!!
  • Marya Roxx

    Long live Marya Roxx!!!
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