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Skapad den: 6 okt 2007
This group is aimed at unifying (to-be) academics who listen to metal.

Furthermore, this group should be a concrete example of the fact that 'metalheads' can also be very educated people, and...

Pending members: Leave a shout in the shoutbox telling what you hold a degree in / you study and where, so that the other members may accept your application.

What is Metal Academics?
Metal Academics is a group consisting of people who like metal and carry in their pocket some kind of academic degree, or are at the moment studying for one.

Who can join?
Students (university level), Bachelors, Masters, Licentiates, Specialists, Engineers, Professors and Doctors who like metal. It does not matter in what field you are working. You should have a fair amount of metal artists in your top artists chart, but you yourself are quite capable of deciding whether this group is something for you. In this group you can voice your opinion about bands, subgenres, concerts and of course your field of expertise :-).

What is the purpose of this group?
The purpose of this group is to unify academics who also like metal. In some academic circles it will be hard to find other people who like this kind of music, and that is where this internet group comes in handy. It will also be quite interesting to see what kind of bands academics listen to, and if this their musical preferences are significantly different from non-academic listeners.

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