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Skapad den: 14 feb 2012
For all fans of Meja Beckman's wonderful pop music. For those listeners who don't just see Meja as a one-hit wonder. If yo're a fan, why not join?

Welcome to Meja's fanclub of love.

Meja is a very talented special artist who deserves much more listeners than she is getting. Between her various albums, one can tell that she is a very versatile artist by her shirting range in genres of pop, jazz and rock. Her music is undeniably catchy, full of life and accessible to a wide audience of people. She's a wonderful singer, song writer and creative spirit. A truly underrated, very gifted artist!

Click on this picture to go to her official site

Want to hear some of her wonderful tunes for free? Go here to her official facebook band page. Enjoy! :-)

Some music videos.

Pop and Television.

Wonderful fun lyrics in this song! I love it!

Call me crazy, but doesn't she kind of look like the cute and lovely Mandy Moore? (another favorite artist of mine)

How crazy are you?

Some may know this song from a XBox360 videogame. I never played it.

A'll bout the money.
Great song!

Don't forget to check out her latest cd "Urban Gypsy".You can hear a few of these tracks on her Facebook Bandpage.

In addition to Meja's music, she also dabbles in some free form artwork in her spare time.

Look at all her artwork here..

Thank you for visiting! =]

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