Electric Arguments

    • rykowolf sa...
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    • 26 dec 2008, 07:35

    Electric Arguments

    The Fireman released the album "Electric Arguments" in November.
    Vocals dominate on this one and I'm still undecided about how this compares with Paul's recent solo efforts. I especially liked the songs "Two Magpies" and "Sun Is Shining".
    Some listeners have said that although it's good, they find it too unusual for their tastes. Has anyone here heard it?

    • imacgirl sa...
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    • 30 dec 2008, 05:28
    I love the album. I had never heard of The Fireman prior to Electric Arguments. Found a link to it on the official Paul McCartney website. "Sing the Changes" and "Not Too Much Just Out Of Sight" are stand out tracks for me.
    While I think "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" is more electronic/trance (sans vocals) and like it a bit more than "Electric Arguments". The vocals on "Electric Arguments" make it more of a Macca album than a side project with Youth, imo.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 9 mar 2011, 18:45
    Yes. I love it, and it's pretty good.

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