How did you get a mac

  • got it for graduation present from my family through the university bookstore

  • I was getting sick of my old, superslow XP notebook, which had to be fully restored several times because of viruses. Additionally, I lost some important data, which was terrible for me!

    And every time I downloaded new software or visited a webpage I had to fear that the PC caught a new virus. The computer got slower and slower and I began to hate the ugly, inelegant interface of XP and how it loaded the apps: first the menu bar, then the other controls and the actual window, everything separately; just plain awful!

    Then I got my MacBook as I was always impressed by the elegance of Macs and their ease of use. Last year, I updated to a new OS, Leopard, with almost no (!) hiccups. I enjoy not having to maintain anti-virus and spyware software, this gives me so much time with the Mac itself. I'd say this is the perfect computer!

    • LuisBui sa...
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    • 24 jul 2008, 20:42
    needed a laptop. Free ipod touch with $1000 macbook....sounds like a good deal to me

  • My brother, a Mac lover for over 20 years. But really, is there any other option???? I'm touching wood here but I never encountered any problems with viruses and stuff. Around me all pc's seem to crash and they can't do this and that. Mac is relaxing, pc is urghh stress.

  • I was always a "mac-hater", being a command line geek in Jr. High. But in the early 90's I had a 286sx that had an almost unusable thing on it called Windows 3.1. One day I visited a house where they were using a Mac II, I went home and saw my 286, then came a mailing from Citibank who were selling discounted LC II's. I bought one and never looked back.

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 6 dec 2008, 20:46
    Bought a Power PC 6100 back in 94 after recommendation and haven't looked back since.
    Power PC > G3 266 > G4 1.25 dual MDD plus quite a few in between:)))

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 8 dec 2008, 16:12
    I use both Windows and Mac... but I've basically seen it as if you get anything other than a mac for a notebook, you're retarded. Desktops, however, if you can't afford a decked out Mac Pro, Windows gets a chance...?

    • smur89 sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 dec 2008, 17:07
    how does that even make sense? macbooks cost about the same as an imac...

    get a mac if you like mac/need one for some program.. get a pc if you like pc/need it for some program... or are retarded :) :P

    • ooohbrap sa...
    • Användare
    • 9 dec 2008, 17:25
    Bought it from the apple store online :)
    Took ages to get to me, I was getting reeeally impatient :D

  • I worked with Macs during high school, and... who can come back after trying a Mac??? :D

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 14 dec 2008, 20:46
    i need my mac for music producing with apple logic pro :-)

    i bought them online :-D

    • tbone92 sa...
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    • 14 dec 2008, 22:55
    I got my Psystar Open mainly as a graduation present. I also have to pay for some of it myself. >.<

    • zaffle sa...
    • Användare
    • 22 dec 2008, 10:54
    smur89 said:
    how does that even make sense? macbooks cost about the same as an imac...

    get a mac if you like mac/need one for some program.. get a pc if you like pc/need it for some program... or are retarded :) :P

    i think the point was that if you need a laptop, for portability or whatever, macs are the way forward. the personal experience i've had with pc laptops has not been great and since having had a macbook, i would never buy a pc laptop. however, my next desktop is likely to be a pc with my old copy of xp as you essentially get more bang for your buck with a generic pc.

  • I used to share some thousand years old, freezing-all-the-time, no-free-space PC with my brother. One day it totally get crazier that usual, and then it exploded (it wasn't huge loud explosion, only sparks appeared). I first wanted another XP (only because iMacs are terribly expensive in Poland), but nice salesman told me that now there's only Vista available. I knew evilness of vista, because my friend had one, and after just few weeks he changed it to mac. So I decided to make my mac dream come true. I payed 1/3 of iMacs prize (rest of it gave my parents). And here I go.

    • camillon sa...
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    • 27 dec 2008, 00:07

    I love mac

    So actually I was always macs at home and since I can not use windows for me it's much too complicated! At school it was always PC and I was always completely dropped! Finally Macs for me there is it true !!!!:-)))

  • Our family's first computer when I was younger was a Mac IISi. So I think I've always preferred them, since it's what I first started on. My elementary and middle schools also had macs.

  • Second semester of grade 12 I was in a film class, and we used iMacs to edit our short films. Needless to say, I fell in love, and my parents bought me an iMac for my graduation gift. ^^ So.. I've only had it since July, hehe. But I love it!

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  • I've stolen my macbook pro from someone in the airport, it's awesome I can do a lot.

  • I knew nothing about Macs since the first day at work, in 1992.

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 14 jan 2009, 14:10
    Got mine from a friend.

    She loves me <3

    And I love her, and my mac! :D

    • m63436 sa...
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    • 19 jan 2009, 09:51
    I'd had enough of Windows crashing, not finding printers unless the print was turned on first and most of all not coming out of sleep on laptops. So I went to the Apple store and got a MacBook.

    I still have a desktop running Windows which i use as more of an iTunes server now but as soon as I can afford a iMac I'm replacing it.

  • My first year at university I accidently torched my residence room really bad and almost caused the whole building to go -that was a sad night-, anyhow, my PC was warped and all black from smoke damage, but still ran fine for another year (it was a show piece for awhile there). It was early April and I was working on final papers when at my new location that PC one evening froze and some smoke came from it. Obviously, it went to the street corner (after my roommate recovered the hard drive) and off to the Future Shop down the street went I, to buy me a MacBook. Love it. Just wish I could afford all the fancy extras (after graduation I suppose).

  • I was tired of Windows (looks & performance).. So I started looking at the MBP, and guess what, I found it so amazing that I bought one the next month. It was also very usefull for school.

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    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 jan 2009, 18:01
    My first Mac was a Beige G3. I had Jaguar on it via XpostFacto. It worked fine. My friend gave me the computer. A year later, he sent me his Blue and White G3 with a software upgrade to G4 (Sonnet?). I had it for ages. Then a neighbor heard I was in need of a newer Mac, and got a Graphite G4 from his work (complete w/ the ocular shaped speakers), which is now my main Mac. The Beige is dead, but the Blue and White serves as a movie host and I stream movies from it on my AppleTV. I've talked my best friend, my roommate, and my father all into getting Macs (Macbook, Macbook, and iMac respectively). I also got my first 30g 3rd gen iPod for free, scored a 15g for my roommate, then when mine died (from a bad fall in the gym), I bought my friend's 1g mini for $20. I've yet to pay full price for any Mac. And with access to my roommate's Macbook, I'm doing good.

  • dreamed like 3years of one, made some money with webdesign and bought a mini and a 24" display and i mean i have the same fucking osx installation on it that was on it after unboxing and it runs like on the first day...i love it!

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