Things that make you angry in "MTV"-music?

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    • 6 jul 2010, 20:25
    outsidethenorm said:
    The fact that it's just "reality" shows. Might as well call it RTV and get it over with.

    even that reality shows were fake-y plastic drama show. imho

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    • 20 jul 2010, 11:38


    Hmm, the fact they play the same songs over and over/the lack of variety. Their taste is so not eclectic, it's embarrassing to watch. Plus, it seems like they only play videos when people are generally asleep, like from 3-6am (I'm usually up, though, and MTV is often the only thing kinda interesting. Man, cable TV fucking sucks!). Even though 10/11 videos are garbage, I have a nostalgia thing for a good artistic video, so I still watch occasionally.

    TBH, I miss satellite TV, but where I live, the cable is free. So, I just gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

    • SasGeto sa...
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    • 6 aug 2010, 15:38
    Music in MTV? Where? In our MTV Poland we have only commercial shit for hot 14s.

  • Naked girls. ^_^

    There's No Such Thing As Death, There's Only Change.
  • Music Television?

    They call themselves "Music Television," but don't play music. And when they do, It's either rap-crap or Paramore. I guess they don't have enough room because they're too busy showing Johnny Knoxville lighting his crotch on fire and offensive Italian stereotypes.

    • wimbo125 sa...
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    • 24 aug 2010, 14:37
    Music Television, without real music... No Rock, No Blues, no Jazz, No Country, No Grunge, NOTHING that had any influence on this world and it's inhabitants, only Hip-Hop or something called Electronic Pop or as i say it 'Things you wipe your ass off with'. Only like Nitro-Circus because of the awesome stunts!!!

    For the rest it's just crap!

    Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
    • stalk3r1 sa...
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    • 4 sep 2010, 12:37
    Shitty shows, "music" and raped picture of woman. Ultra skinny, naked and "attractive" bodies. Photo retouching, TURN OFF THIS SHIT.

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