• almost famous

    9 feb 2011, 20:21 av MrLark

    Steve Lamacq just played a song by my old band Grantura, so it says here

    However, it remains unlikely that I will be recognised on my way to Halfords.
  • blog newbie gives up after one attempt

    2 mar 2009, 13:36 av MrLark

    our Matthew blogged a while ago. I forgot to link to it, but it is very funny and worth reading, in my humble opinion. find it here. i really should kick his a$$ to do more blogging.
  • is Russia's leader a dancing queen?

    6 feb 2009, 20:27 av MrLark

    Meglomaniac hardman Vladimir Putin has denied hiring ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again. I think the lady does protest too much.
  • up the borough

    20 dec 2008, 12:27 av MrLark

    i become increasingly impressed with venue the gladstone snookered away behind Borough tube station. For anyone unfamiliar, this haunt of London has some of the best pubs in the city.

    Anyhoo, i saw Mary Epworth And The Jubilee Band. I'd been meaning to for a long time, but hadn't because a severe case of sitting on my arse. Well, and playing music myself. She was great, but assures me she can be better, so I'll try and check her out again soon.

    The real find of the night was Olivia Chaney. oh boy what a talent. she did arrangements of old folk tunes. mainly irish and Appalachian, but also some French and even a 17th century Italian opera. She accompanied herself on a hand-pumped harmonium, making full use of the drone effect, underscoring the connection between ancient north european music and eastern music pioneered by the late great Davy Graham. She also used detuned guitar on some tracks, as Graham did. Her voice is incredible and it's inspiring to hear someone with the confidence to launch into acapella. Everyone was spellbound.

    I have also nearly killed myself with Christmas shopping. I don't normally do shopping.

    Over and out.
  • on blogs, journals and other animals

    12 dec 2008, 11:37 av MrLark

    someone blogged about us here

    we are Grantura

    damn, i should write better journals. i wrote a really good one about all the music i'd bought from hearing it on last.fm. then i wrote another really good one about david's birthday - a night out with a bunch of 'below the radar' bands in Borough. but i lost them both when my browser crashed while i searched for links.

    such is life
  • day twenty six: four star grantura

    1 okt 2008, 11:05 av MrLark

    according to the times, Grantura is worth four out of fives stars

    that's my band by the way.

    oh and Wogan played us again yesterday.

    gig at Betsy Trotwood tomorrow.

    all good.


  • day twenty-three: you love us

    12 aug 2008, 13:48 av MrLark

    Chris Evan stand-in Richard Allinson played Grantura on his drive time show on BBC Radio 2. You can listen here. We're about one hour 18 mins in.

    It is something of a jukebox jury thing. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Our label mate Mont Mardy suffered on this slot a few weeks ago, but I am very pleased to inform you that Grantura are a 'red hot hit' according the great British public.

    According to the emailed and texted comments, some people like us because we sound like Oasis. And some people don't like us because we sound like Oasis.

    I'm pleased we did well, but I don't think we sound like Oasis. But, y'know, sometimes my brain, it don't work good no more. So... what do you think? Does Grantura sound like Oasis?

    Good bye
  • day twenty-two: and it was all fine

    7 aug 2008, 22:21 av MrLark

    Dennis, of Imperial Leisure, drove back from the session very well. He was fast, and it was quite bouncy in the back, but fairly safe. I was quite sideways by the time we got back and Sim was so sideways he collapsed into my front door and i had to get the rest of his stuff from the van, in an angry, grumpy fashion.

    Marc Riley is a lovely bloke and put us at ease. You can listen for yourselves how the session went here. Look in the right panel and click on listen again for Monday. It will be up until next Monday.

    We were all very excited about being in the BBC building and took photos of ourselves with a Darlek. Really.


  • day twenty-one: Grantura plays Marc Riley's 6Music show

    31 jul 2008, 11:44 av MrLark

    Yes, Grantura plays Marc Riley's 6Music show next Monday. Listen out at 7 pm.

    Dennis from Imperial Leisure is diving us. Its a bit of a worry. I've seen the van. And last time I went drinking with that band one of them told me Dennis was once awoken at the wheel by a stationary tree. It is all going to be fine.


  • day twenty: Grantura on BBC 6music

    27 jun 2008, 10:36 av MrLark

    hey dudes and dudesses, Grantura, a band with which I play, was featured on 6Music on Wednesday. The lovely Marc Riley played us. Follow this link and go to listen again on Wednesday's show. We're about 10 minutes in.

    Our singer Matt emailed Riley shortly after. Making a joke on the subject of MrLark journal Day Nineteen. Riley emailed back offering us a session. Now we're all excited. Our drummer David knows Polytechnic so we're going to try and arrange a gig with them in Manchester at the same time.

    Now I really have to get on and do some fucking work in the real world.