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    • 29 nov 2006, 13:34

    Help needed!

    hello dear australians and lovers of australian music! :)

    first of all i`m not a member of this group but i could need your help cos i`m looking for an australian band i discovered a couple of years ago and can`t find again for quite a while now. the band is from sydney and WAS called "luxury". their song "loaded" was used in a commercial for puma fragrance over here and i liked it a lot.
    the band was going to release their self-titled debut album and maybe even did that in australia but was then forced to change its name since there already was an american band of the same name. does anyone of you know what has happend to them and how they are called today? i couldn`t find any information on the web so i was very pleased if you could help me out. thanks in advance! :)

  • Sorry but I can't find any information about them either and I've never heard of them.

    I'll ask some of my friends back home.

    How would you describe their music? pop, rock, electronic, alternative, indie, heavy metal etc?


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