• Is there really a difference between downtempo and trip-hop?

    23 apr 2007, 09:28 av deusdiabolus

    Here's the way I break it down.

    If a track is mellow, with strong soul, jazz and/or house elements, but too slow for working up a sweat on the dancefloor, that's downtempo.

    If a track is slow, dark, with surreal or trippy effects and a heavy, reverbed beat, that's trip-hop.

    Feel free to debate this.
  • Other writing antics

    13 apr 2007, 08:01 av ChrisChinchilla

    Apart from those reviews, I've been writing a lot more features and columns...

    You can read my Australian diary at

    And several features over at, including the first in a series of posts about Politics in Music and articles on TramTactic, Frankie Wants Out, Batrider, The Assassination Collective, The Conch, Aleks and the Ramps, The Handsome Young Strangers, Bachelor Of Arts and more...
  • Glenn Tilbrook in Melbourne

    13 apr 2007, 07:37 av ChrisChinchilla

    Glenn Tilbrook’s old outfit, ‘Squeeze’ were a British band hailing from SE London in the early eighties (from the same area as me! In fact several members sent their children to my school…) chalking up a string of hits such as ‘Cool for Cats’ and ‘Labelled with Love’. A small but loyal fan base followed the band into their ‘MOR years’, but an ever fluctuating line up and a ubiquitous series of splits and reunions led to Squeeze’s eventual demise. Now Glenn tours the world in an RV with family in tow bashing his way through a vast back catalogue adapted for acoustic guitar and solo delivery.

    I had the fortune of catching two shows whilst he was in town, and Glenn’s shows are full of energy and enthusiasm with Glenn frequently abandoning the mic and wandering the stage. His songs of lamented love and forbidden fancies interspersed with anecdotes and musical tales of two decades on the road, well documented in Amy Pickard’s film ‘One for the road’ which received it’s debut showing prior to his first performance. The seated, older and more sedate audience at ‘Don’t Tell Tom’ on Friday night were reluctant to fully immerse themselves in the many acts of participation that Glenn had planned, preferring instead to shout requests that are gleefully added to the set ad hoc. The younger, keener and more energetic audience at ‘the Espy’ on Wednesday night however were up for everything thrown at them, singing along without prompting in all the right places and gathered in a throng at the front of the stage for the entirety of the set.

    The second half of The Espy show Glenn was backed by the infamous Rockwiz orchestra with the intention of adding a little more ‘Rock’ to the show and I’m unsure if they really did Glenn any favours. All the songs were played too slowly, this coupled with Glenn’s obvious nervousness at playing with an unfamiliar band drew away some of his earlier energy and presence, a friend at the show nicknamed them “The Masters of Homogenisation” which describes their effect on all they back beautifully.

    Life for the old stalwarts of Rock that refuse to quit touring must be an odd existence, over 20 years of material and all audiences primarily want to hear are your early ‘hits’. At the very least frustrating, possibly even a little depressing, however Glenn certainly doesn’t show it.

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  • The Answer @ The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne

    13 apr 2007, 07:31 av ChrisChinchilla

    From The Answer’s opening chords it’s immediately obvious why the band are more popular in Australia than their homeland of Ireland, bearing more than a passing resemblance to a certain electrically themed Australian four piece, a member of the crowd even shouts, “Welcome Home!” Fortunately there’s more to the band, they seemingly channel aspects of every major ‘Rawk’ band from the past four decades, and carry it off it extraordinarily well with a vast show of talent and tunes. The band are on fine form tonight with the crowd firmly in their hands, the singer croons, howls, swings his microphone stand and poses, the guitarist solos with a foot on the monitor and riffs hard, the drummer and the bass player keep it all going with some solid rock. There’s a lot of hair, a lot of volume, a lot of ego and a lot of sweat, the perfect ingredients and dare I say it, the perfect answer(!) for any night of fully blown, seat of your pants’ Rock.

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  • The Regular John’s, Mint Chicks, The Bronx @ The Hi-Fi Club, Melbourne

    13 apr 2007, 07:27 av ChrisChinchilla

    The life of support acts to large touring artists is a tough one, playing early to half empty rooms for little money to people who are largely indifferent to your efforts and sadly tonight is no exception as a multitude of people seem happy to pay $30 to only watch one band. The Regular Johns kick off proceedings with a dangerous name for any rock band, as despite their high energy stage show, faultless playing and excellent stage presence, musically they are sadly no more than a fairly regular rock band. The Mint Chicks are up next, a band I’ve been wanting to see for a long time since they became a regular part of my DJ set in the UK and I hate to say, I was a little disappointed. Personally I get the feeling that the band’s sound was set up for The Bronx as their usual clear punchy sound (on record) was just a big mushy mess with no clarity or distinction. Despite this, Kody, the band’s singer is one the most acrobatic front men I’ve ever witnessed (second to the British Institution that is John Ottway!), flinging himself about left, right and centre, back flips and belly flops, sadly though the sound doesn’t do the energy any justice and I’m left a little under whelmed. The Bronx on the other hand live up to all the hype my uber-fan companion gave them, my initial thought was that I’d be bored after 20 minutes of relentless, incessant hardcore, far from it, I was transfixed from start to finish. From the lead guitarist playing despite a shattered pelvis, the tank-like bass player and the shear passion and energy of singer Matt Caughthran as he crowd surfed around the venue whilst still ‘singing’ on full throttle and remaining vaguely in tune. Aside from the music the band love the crowd, flattering Melbourne and Australia, encoring with a cover of The Victims’ song, ‘Television Addict’. The Bronx rock, love what they do, love the crowd and the crowd love them, what more could you want?

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  • Spring Bands Battle, Round IV - Semifinals

    12 apr 2007, 17:07 av ThornCrown

    PoS lost the vote...I was surprised. Here we go:

    Dream Theater - My Dying Bride
    Katatonia - Opeth

    Thank you for your votes and keep it on.
  • ¡¡¡Attention!!! Collaborative Matrix Track Tagging Is Here!

    9 apr 2007, 16:22 av IanAR

    I've long wanted to develop a series of pure track-tag (PTT) stations, based on streamable tracks from my weekly track charts. The those who know me, it'll come as no surprise that this'd involve the popularization of music I consider underrated and that I'd want to do it in a way to involve as many other on Last.FM as possible - Freely submitting tracks they think underrated. Well, finally it's here!
    The series is built around the word attention, in that, this is music we consider worthy of more . Here's how to join in:
    1. Firstly, if you don't have a tabbed Web browser, get one! Browser tabs are a great innovation you'll love and a choice in now available for most operating systems (I personally recommend, the open source, Firefox). This will make the creation of your station very much more quick & easy!
      1. Open a browser window with your full weekly track chart and, if required, navigate to the week you'd like to make a station for.
      2. Open a new tab, for each of our top streamable tracks (e.g. all the ones that you've played more than once).
      3. As you go along, close the tag for tracks with more than 5,000 listeners and for those you've used an tag on within the same month, as you've selected.
    2. At this point you'll have a few tracks or dozens, depending on how hard you were listening (in the selected week), how much streamable music you listen to and frequency with which you tend to repeat tracks. Is the number of tracks you have less than forty?
      • Yes: Find the largest number of listeners for any of these tracks and remember that number as the weekly theme name.
      • No: Well it's time to narrow the field a little. The aim's to make a station of up to two hours play (allowing for a little skipping and the ten-ish tracks Last.FM are required to hold back, under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). So, assuming a good spread of artists, for an average track length of 4.5 min's and a skip rate of 10% - 40 tracks's about ideal.

        Take a look at your tracks, is there theme/genre/feature you'd like concentrate on, which'd arrive at a selection of 40 or just below?
        • Yes: Close the tabs for tracks that do not fit with your theme, until there's 40, or less, and make-up a short name for your theme, or repeat one already existence, and remember that as the weekly theme name,
        • No: In that case, go for the obscure!
          1. Close the tab for the track with most listeners, until you've only 40 tracks left.
          2. Remember the number of listeners for the most popular remaining track as the weekly theme name,
    3. Now for the tagging! Prefix your weekly theme name with "attention " and suffix with the end date of the week you selected, in D Mon YY format (e.g. 1 Apr 07). If your theme name'd been 90s (for tracks released last decade), this'd give attention 90s 1 Apr 07 as your basic tag ... but there's more.

      To multiply the fun, by encouraging the accumulation of your week's picks, with past/future weeks and the tagging of others, tag all the derivative of your basic tag, these are:
      1. By date precision: monthly, annual and no date, e.g. attention 90s Apr 07, attention 90s 07 & attention 90s.
      2. Date precision, without your weekly theme name, e.g. attention Apr 07, attention 07 & attention.
      3. By obscurity - Remember all those tracks have less than 5000 listeners! That gives e.g. attention 5K 1 Apr 07, attention 5K Apr 07, attention 5K 07 & attention 5K.
      4. Did you go for obscurity in your selection?
        • Yes: Lets have the following sections for obscurity, below 5K: 2K, 1K, 500, 200 & 100. Say your track with the most listeners had 265 - Replace your weekly theme name in your basic tag and all the tags that came from [1], above, with each of the section values (excluding 5K, done above), which are larger than your listener count, e.g. giving: attention 500 1 Apr 07, attention 500 Apr 07, attention 500 07, attention 500, attention 1K 1 Apr 07, attention 1K Apr 07, attention 1K 07, attention 1K, attention 2K 1 Apr 07, attention 2K Apr 07, attention 2K 07 and attention 2K.
        • No: Consider other derivations of your theme - Say, if your weekly theme name was Sheffield, you could do similar, to the above, with Yorkshire, England, UK, EU and Europe.
    4. Now, what a lot of tags you've got. Put them together into a single
      text (with commas), e.g. "attention 90s 1 Apr 07, attention 90s Apr 07, attention 90s 07, attention 90s, attention Apr 07, attention 07, attention, attention 5K 1 Apr 07, attention 5K Apr 07, attention 5K 07, attention 5K".
    5. Copy/paste this into the tagging for all of your tracks - radios does!
    6. Write a journal about the radio of your basic tag, with some words about some special tracks in there, would be nice, and including a link to the attention group - Publicity done!
    7. Post about your marvelous efforts in the attention forum - Comradery done!
    And yes, you've guessed it, I've done one. In fact I've done two, but I'd like some time to put nice words into this weeks one.

    From the week ending 1 Apr 07, here're my 40 streamable tracks with 2212 or less listeners - Attention 2212 1 Apr 07, please let me know what you think of it:

    Harlem River Drive
    Silver Turkey
    Mwela, Mwe
    Ya Rayi
    Dobro #1
    On va sauter
    Regra Três
    Coro Miyar
    Mister Magic
    Amor (Evolution)
    Samba Rubro-Negro
    Camisa 10 De Gavea
    Menina Flor
    One Note Samba (Part 2)
    Morning Musume. - ???! We're ALIVE (Instrumental) Morning Musume.
    Manchild - The Old School Mix
    Com qualquer dois mil réis
    Blues O'Mighty
    You Used To
    Seconds Away
    101 Infoburner
    Look Around
    Feira De Mangaio
    My Red Hot Car (Girl)
    The End
    Samba Do Gringo Paulista (Zero Db Mix)
    Oye Como Va
    Arsonist 2000 (Aphro Dub Mix)

    Other tags applied: , , , , , , , , , & .
  • Chance 11-15 : Full Length Preview

    6 apr 2007, 21:52 av cognizance

    Do you TAG?!

    Join today!

    I just wanted to let you know that we've made Chance's 11-15 EP available in full length preview!


    The answer is found here, in this new user group, where Chance is the first artist to be in the spotlight!

    Interested in participating? Join the group!
  • [Sivuca] Paraíbano Accordion'/Guitarist & Composer Passes @ 76 - 14 Dec 06, BRA

    5 apr 2007, 01:59 av IanAR

    I'd hardly come to know Sivuca. Unpainted, a close friend, had brought Pau Doido back from Rio, almost exactly a year before, his passing, in December. I love(d) it and've come to know him much better, following his connection to LAYSA - He's now at 169, in my overall artists. Therefore, I'm sure, a few others've come the know him, also, through my friend's kind album gift.

    I only heard of his fate this evening, from the same friend. How strange that he was @ #2 in my weekly chart, last week, with Feira De Mangaio @ #1 track and Sivuca & Rosinha de Valença @ #4 album. All without my knowledge of his death. *ques Twilight Zone theme*

    Some coverage ...
    John "J-Cat" Griffith @ said:
    Musician Composer and Musician. Born Severino Dias de Oliveira, he was a master of the -driven Forro style music. He began playing the accordion at age 9, performing for fairs, parties and on radio programs. In , he made his first album for Sunnysides Records, which included the hit Adeus Maria Fulo. He represented Brazil in Europe and was a fixed staff of TV Tupi in and . In the early , he joined South African singer Miriam Makeba's group and toured the world with her. He is credited with arranging her most famous recording - Pata Pata. During his 50-year career, he played and composed with musical artists around the world to include Harry Belafonte, Toots Thielmans, Airto Moreira and Hermeto Pascoal. He won a in , with accordionist Oswaldinho in the Brazilian roots category. He died of cancer. Pata Pata (Original Version, 1 said:
    Sivuca foi um visionário, um criador. Ao lado de Luiz Gonzaga, nos mostrou a beleza do nordeste, sua cultura e suas crenças. Fez o Brasil e o mundo parar e se preocupar com questões sócio-políticas que aflingiam e aflingem até hoje essa região tão rica e, ao mesmo tempo, tão sofrida do nosso país. Compôs e gravou algumas das músicas mais conhecidas e cantadas, até hoje, por jovens, adultos e idosos e conquistou respeito "absurdo" entre os músicos mais consagrados do meio musical atual. Gravou com Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Gonzaguinha, Gal Costa, Elis Regina e muitos outros ícones.

    E seguindo a tradição deste blog, divido com vocês duas músicas onde Sivuca participa com sua sanfona mágica. A primeira, "Serena do Mar" onde faz um dueto emocionante com Luiz Gonzaga. A segunda, "Delicado", música de Waldir Azevedo, onde duela (no bom sentido) com Oswaldinho, outro gênio do acordeon, que felizmente ainda se encontra no nosso plano espiritual. Faça como eu, ouça e emocione-se!English Translation from Portuguese (not the best 'cause Brasileira's different).

  • Updated Music Game

    22 mar 2007, 04:16 av Mazeraski

    Total number of tracks: 3858
    Total Length of Music: 10.4 days...18.55 GB

    Sort by Song Title:
    -First Song: Boards of Canada - '84 Pontiac Dream
    -Last Song: Sufjan Stevens: Zombies Walk!! (Sufjan Stevens vs. Kanye West)

    Sort by Time:
    -Shortest Song: Sufjan Stevens - One Last "Whoo-hoo!" for the Pullman
    -Longest Song: Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Sleep

    Sort by Album:
    -First Song: Thelonious Monk - 'Round Midnight
    -Last Song: Kings of Leon: Youth and Young Manhood

    Sort By Artist:
    -First Song: !!! - The Step
    -Last Song: The Zombies: The Way I Feel Inside

    Sort By Genre:
    -First Song: (80s)Corey Hart - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
    -Last Song: (Web)Strong Bad - The System Is Down

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:

    1) Coldplay: Shiver
    2) Jeff Buckley: Lover, You Should've Come Over
    3) Muse: Hysteria
    4) Muse: Stockholm Syndrome
    5) Bloc Party: Helicopter
    6) Death from Above 1979: Romantic Rights
    7) Coldplay: Don't Panic
    8) Iron & Wine: Love and Some Verses
    9) Armor for Sleep: The Truth About Heaven
    10) Muse: Time Is Running Out

    First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
    1) Beck - Think I'm In Love
    2) Matthew Good Band - Load Me Up
    3) The Arcade Fire - Intervention
    4) Jon Brion - Postcard
    5) Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - The Ballad Of The Sin Eater

    Search ....
    "sex", how many songs come up? 8
    "love", how many songs come up? 126
    "you", how many songs come up? 483
    "death", how many songs come up? 147
    "hate", how many songs come up? 24
    "wish" how many songs come up? 7
    "monkey", how many songs come up? 48