Your fave lighthearted songs / musics...

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    • 8 dec 2007, 17:30

    so cute! :))))

    love the idea of the group! :)
    of course, I've got my share of lighthearted songs too:
    Tout le bonheur du monde by Sinsemilia,
    Manu Chao's Trapped by love,
    Sergent Garcia singing Viva la felicidad,
    Poursuis le vent by Rue de la Muette
    and last but definely not least Barbier "Cieco, Cieco"
    Plus almost anything by The Cat Empire, and, of course, there are so many more! Definitely agree with mll on Sanseverino! :)

    ps. and this track by Robbie Williams (Things) can get me dancing in the street! :)

    • chancer sa...
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    • 4 sep 2008, 04:03

    I just got my hands on some Rutles!

    Marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Go listen to The Rutles.

    I'll listen to anything, once.
  • 5th : Voodoo Dolly (reversed taste due to jazz intonations : the proof it works).

    4th : Dazzle

    3rd : Fireworks

    2nd : In Our Angelhood

    1rst : Kookaburra. Still astonished to have preference in a track without heavy bass line... Anyway it is automatic : Fireworks : passion, In Our Angelhood : lighty energy, Kookaburra : smile.

    Add : The Thorn, and Coal Mind.


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