• #WTTC: The Debut & Experience

    16 maj 2013, 05:35 av Hardstylez11

    "This is my first album to society, its filled with a variety of music genres and what really excites me about it is that since it was a very fun experience, I'm able to see how nicely executed it was according to my peers. Not to mention I have implemented the use of skits and interludes because I felt that it added a little bit of my timid personality into it, so people can know what kind of person LyriCa [HardStyle] is. I believe there is still much to be given to my "Episodes" therefore I will be using skits and interludes thorough my upcoming releases. Nevertheless I see Welcome To The City as an Artistic success due to how dynamic it is." -LyriCa [HardStyle]

    Welcome To The City Shot-Bio:

    "Welcome To The City is LyriCa [HardStyle]'s debut album that gives an introductory concept toward LyriCa's plan to establish himself throughout different musical genres amongst the public. This album intends to rise public awareness of the world at adequate levels by bringing its rhythm in a variety of sounds and genres. Reggaeton, Rap, Hip-Hop and so on. Not to mention the fact that it is somewhat radio-style centered, with a fictional radio station named "DreamRadio" with characters like dangerous, Big Johny, and Julio it makes it easier for LyriCa to have a start on his "Debut". If you love rhythm and play no games when it comes to your music then this might be your fit, not to mention you might benefit from this after all" - LyriCa [HardStyle]
  • New Artist: "LyriCa HardStyle"

    25 dec 2012, 04:03 av Hardstylez11

    Bienvenidos a la ciudad: la jungla de concreto aqui les dejo el intro, si les interesa; los invito a oir el mixtape, cortesia de dreamRadio & LyriCa [HardStyle], Yah Bless

    Soy un artista, de reggaeton, rap, & hip hop / varriado, de todo, chequeen la musica que traigo, si y les gusta pues me aran facil la misioncita hehehe :)

    Welcome To The City [DreamRadio's Web Album Preview]
  • David Longoria's Instrumental Zoon Baloomba Enters Billboard Chart At #50, Is…

    1 okt 2012, 02:52 av musicdish

    David Longoria [], known for his innovative blend of Latin, Jazz and Dance music has achieved National Hit status with his new single Zoon Baloomba as it enters the Billboard Dance Music Charts October 6, 2012 at #50 with a bullet. This marks the first time a trumpet player has achieved success on this chart with an instrumental since Herb Alpert did it with Rise in 1979. Rise went on to reach #17 on that chart and reached #1 on the US Billboard Pop Chart in the following months. Part of the success of Rise was attributed to it being featured in the hit TV daytime TV soap General Hospital.

    Longoria reached #14 on this chart in 2006 with his single Deeper Love (featuring singer Cece Peniston) but Longoria and Peniston sang together along with his trumpet work to create that hit. Zoon Baloomba is an instrumental song featuring Longoria's trademark trumpet embellished by some brief tribal vocals announcing the song's title.

    The single Zoon Baloomba has been presented in several remixed versions including Club mixes from popular remixers Ralphi Rosario, Majik Boys, Mickey Oliver, Gustavo Scorpio, and Mental Blue. It debuts on the chart right behind K-Pop Dance mega Hit "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer PSY at #49.

    The tracks are now available on iTunes, Amazon and other music sales outlets. It is currently playing in clubs across America with a much anticipated official music video scheduled for release in October. The unofficial music videos are posted on YouTube ( and have already gathered about a million combined views to date.

    Longoria is known in Jazz and Latin Jazz circles as an exceptional musician, often considered one of the most exciting trumpeters of this generation. His unafraid attitude in creating cutting edge works has earned him many awards including the Hollywood Music Awards Best Instrumental Artist Award, the ASYM (America Society Of Young Musicians) All That Jazz Award 2011 and the American Jazz Society's Top Contemporary Artist 2012 Award.

    "I always admired Miles Davis for going out on a limb to push the envelope of modern music", Longoria says, adding "and Herb Alpert always knew how to make trumpet music cool and accessible to the public, not just to jazz fans."

    And that's what is happening again now with Zoon Baloomba as it climbs the Billboard Dance chart. Thousands of clubs across America are featuring the song and Longoria's innovative approach to the trumpet and current music in the age of the electronic. "I love to blend my sound with organic and electronic elements to create something unique," Longoria explains, adding "and it's a great feeling to know so many people are enjoying and dancing to my music right now!"

    For more about Zoon Baloomba and David Longoria on the web:

  • coming your way this friday: Various Artists ‚Echte Übersee Records Vol. 6’ (UER050)

    24 maj 2012, 19:07 av UeberseeRecords

    …and you just thought it couldn’t get any better?! Buckle-up, here comes the latest Übersee Records compilation as a double-CD! Yep, you’ve read correctly: a 2-CD-set with well over 40 Ska-, Punk-, Cumbia- and Reggae-Smash-Hits. What? Wow! It’s Christmas already? Nope, there’s “just“ a fantastic (football-)summer and memorable festival-season around the corner with DOCTOR KRAPULA, PANTEON ROCOCO, WISECRÄCKER, KARAMELO SANTO and many more on tour. We deliver the ultimate soundtrack: so, close your mouth. Stop drooling. Insert the CDs, hit (random)play and get those lazy old dancing feet moving… ¡Ay caramba!

    43 (or even 46 @ iTunes!) bands from 19 countries with well over 2,5 hours of superb music on 2 CDs for very little money. Lots of both quality and quantity! Questions? Already prior to the release date we can say with very little understatement: a classic for every selection that is even remotely related to Ska, Punk or Mestizo. If you don’t get THE compilation – we can’t help you anymore…

    CD1 (Info: Band, Country, Song, taken from the album)
    1 Karamelo Santo ARG No más Karamelo Santo
    2 Percance CRI Viene y va ¿Dondé ire a parar?
    3 Mad Heads XL UKR Cigani UkrainSKA
    4 NH3 ITL Eroi Senza Volto Eroi Senza Volto
    5 Andando Descalzo ARG Cuando Llueve La Quinta Armonía
    6 Ska’n’Ska SWE Money Previously unreleased
    7 Los Kung Fu Monkeys MEX Strech your hand Previously unreleased
    8 Ba-Boom BRA Amizade Prevalece Incendeia
    9 Los Sundayers ESP La Otra Historia Cógelo
    10 Bachaco USA Cumbia pa’ la nena Previously unreleased
    11 Móveis Coloniais de Acaju BRA Lista de Casamento C_MPL_TE
    12 Doctor Krapula COL Buscando el Amor Previously unreleased
    13 No Te Va Gustar URG No era cierto (live) Publico (live-DVD)
    14 El Sonido Callejero MEX El Monstruo El Sonido Callejero
    15 Carmina Burana ARG Danny, el Cuitoso Previously unreleased
    16 Skampida COL La Manifestacion Inflammable
    17 Hog Hoggidy Hog ZAR Sherry Ann Method To The Madness
    18 8kalacas USA Chorizo Federal 8kalacas
    19 Overweight BEL No More Chapter 11
    20 Chencha Berrinches USA Suicide Previously unreleased
    21 Skakeo ESP Historias do mar Skakeo
    22 Ciudavitecos ARG Tratamiento La Inspiranza

    1 Enej POL Radio Hello Folkorabel
    2 Numa Sosa & the Guachos ITL Margherita Previously unreleased
    3 Los Implacabless MEX El veneno de la flor Previously unreleased
    4 Malacates Trébol Shop GUA Todo se pagará De que sirve querer
    5 Peixoto & Maxado BRA Boi Be Shalom Previously unreleased
    6 Boikot ESP Ska-Lashnikov Amanecio
    7 Drakos CHL Nuestra Fiesta Rutas
    8 Distemper RUS Ya Umirayu Dlja Tebja Previously unreleased
    9 Le Réel Est Faux ARG Maleficio Le Réel Est Faux
    10 M.A.D. Band RUS Fotoapparat Soyuz
    11 Detached WAL Horizons None The Wiser (EP)
    12 La Plebe USA Venas Abiertas Brazo en Brazo
    13 Square SWE Hello and welcome to M. Ficks Previously unreleased
    14 Panteón Rococó MEX Quiero bailar contigo Previously unreleased
    15 Dinamo ESP Tu Barquito Previously unreleased
    16 Niño Zombi (feat. Elvis Cortez of Left Alone) USA Cronica del Dolor The UnDead (EP)
    17 Oferta Especial ESP Kara o Kruz Previously unreleased
    18 Mojiganga COL A la calle Ardiendo otra vez
    19 Kofre USA El Tinku Grito del Mundo (EP)
    20 Goy Karamelo ARG La Trampa Remedio de mi corazón
    21 Metisolea FRA Correr y no ver La Chute et L'Envol. 2

    iTunes Exclusive:
    MUCHO PUCHO ESP Compinchado Previously unreleased
    Wisecräcker GER Michael The Pact
    Todos Tus Muertos ARG Pulso Crisis Mundial

    For more info check:

    Order @ Flight13:Übersee-records-6

    Order @ amazon:

    Download @ iTunes:
  • CD 'Elegante' From Susan Palma-Nidel W/ Guests Branford Marsalis, Leo Amuedo, Chico…

    21 maj 2012, 23:11 av musicdish

    Elegante, New Flute Music from South America, is a pioneering recording conceived and performed by Susan Palma Nidel the renowned flutist of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Ms. Palma Nidel has appeared on more than 100 recordings in her illustrious career, many as a soloist, mostly for Deutsche Grammophon (DGG) and her recording of the Mozart Flute Concertos has been listed by Gramophone Magazine as the greatest rendering of the pieces of all time. Elegante is the debut solo recording for Ms. Palma Nidel as a leader, and is a foray into New World Music. Guest performers include Ivan Lins (vocals), Branford Marsalis (soprano and tenor Sax), Leo Amuedo, Chico Pinheiro, Quique Sinesi (guitar, violao), Edward Arron (cello), the Borromeo String Quartet, Nilson Matta (bass), Hector del Curto (bandoneon), and Cyro Baptista & Cafe (percussion).

    Elegante features compositions by Ivan Lins, Pablo Ziegler, Paquito d'Rivera, Heitor Villa Lobos, Agustin Barrios and Quique Sinesi. The recording is a cohesive, yet diverse journey through various musical genres from South America and the Caribbean including Brazilian MPB, Nuevo Tango and Cuban Son all performed expertly with a classical sensibility, a recording of rare beauty and virtuosity that will inspire listeners to cry, laugh and dance.

    Throughout her career Susan has enjoyed a variety of musical challenges and today is busier than ever taking on new projects. Her resume is one of a model citizen in the classical music world, too long to recite here, but some highlights are in order.

    Since 1980 Susan has been an esteemed flutist of the world renowned Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and is the principal flutist for the New York based American Composer's Orchestra and the Naumburg award-winning group Speculum Musicae. She has performed on the most prestigious stages all over the world both as a soloist and with Orpheus. She is a founding member of the North Country Chamber Players who perform in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where she resides every summer.

    Susan has premiere of works by Elliott Carter, Milton Babbitt, Steve Mackey and many other contemporary composers. She has always been infatuated by music from around the world, particularly the varied forms of Brazilian music and Tango. Since the late 1990s she has collaborated and performed with many renowned World Music and Jazz artists including Branford Marsalis, Pablo Ziegler, Hector del Curto, Cyro Baptista and Cafe who have inspired her to move in a new direction represented by Elegante.

    In addition to her musical prowess, Susan is an accomplished painter. The cover of Elegante is a photo of her miniature acrylic entitled Tango and other dance inspired works can be seen inside the CD booklet. A dedicated educator, Susan is on the faculty of Columbia and Montclair State Universities. She lives in New York City with her husband, the writer, wine aficionado, music producer and sometime lawyer Richard O. Nidel, and, as all her friends well know, she wears secrets in her hair.

  • ArtistWorks Drum Academy Launches Luis Conte School Of Percussion April 11th

    15 apr 2012, 16:43 av musicdish

    Napa California-based technology and music education company ArtistWorks launched the interactive, online Luis Conte School of Percussion (LCSP) on April 11th, 2012, it was announced today. Grammy™ Award-winning, master percussionist Luis Conte has worked with some of the greatest names in contemporary music, including Madonna, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Santana, Jackson Browne, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, James Taylor, Shakira, Ozzy Osbourne, and Arturo Sandoval among others. Known for his impeccable feel, technique, musical knowledge and tasteful musicality as well as his ability to blend Afro-Cuban percussion styles in to contemporary Pop and Rock music -- Luis Conte is one of the most prolific and talented artists in contemporary music.

    As part of the ArtistWorks Drum Academy (ADA), the LCSP contains hundreds of high quality video percussion lessons that explore a wide variety of percussion styles and world rhythms including Martillo, Cha-Cha, Guaguanco, Columbia, Bembe, Songo, Salsa, Merengue, Samba and Mozambique as well as Hip-Hop, Electronica, Jazz, Soul and Reggae. The LCSP also offers a full curriculum of percussion techniques on how to play a diverse array of percussion instruments including congas, bongos, timbales, cajon, guiro, hand percussion and more.

    For the first time ever, ArtistWorks will offer bilingual lesson options. A native of Santiago, Cuba, Conte has recorded a number of video lessons in both English and Spanish and will respond to student video exchange questions in the individual student’s language of choice.

    The LCSP utilizes ArtistWork’s patent-pending, breakout video technology to create a direct, personalized educational experience. Subscribing students view Conte’s extensive curriculum of beginner-to-advanced percussion lessons and submit a video with questions/performances directly to Conte via webcam or smart phone for critique and guidance. Conte then reviews and responds personally to each student video submission. These “video-exchanges” are posted in the LCSP for all subscribing students to view and subsequently learn from Conte and from each other – creating a “virtual classroom” with an ever-evolving curriculum.

    ArtistWorks students study in a guided, self-paced environment that allows them to drive the learning process according to their schedule and access instructor guidance and critique at their own pace. Multiple camera angles allow students to see lessons from alternate viewpoints so they may analyze techniques from different vantage points. In addition, students can slow lessons down, and loop lessons to allow them to break lessons down and focus on every detail.

    “I talk to young players all the time who have watched my educational DVDs and they always have questions for me,” says Conte. “Now they can just ask me those questions personally and I can help them on the spot.”

    The Luis Conte School of Percussion is open to percussionists, drummers, drum circles and drum groups at all levels of proficiency. Subscription fees are reasonably priced at $90.00 for 3 months; $150.00 for 6 months and $240.00 for a 12-month subscription.

    The ArtistWork’s Drum Academy also offers Rock drumming lessons with The Thomas Lang School of Drums and Jazz/Fusion drumming lessons with The Billy Cobham School of Drums. The ADA is not the static online learning experience seen before on DVD or other online education and video download sites. Rather, ADA schools take full advantage of high-resolution video, leading-edge social media tools and the Internet’s interactive capabilities to create a robust learning environment

    Founded in 2009 by former AOL executive David Butler, ArtistWorks, Inc is a Napa California-based technology and music education company that has created a proprietary, patent pending, online "video exchange" visual education platform which allows virtuoso musicians to “teach the world” by presenting their full method, technique or curriculum in HD video to subscribing students. Utilizing simple web cams, students are able to submit videos through the site to the ArtistWorks’ instructors for individualized critique and guidance – creating a two-way, individualized educational experience. ArtistWorks currently offers curriculums from such world-class, virtuoso artists as: guitarist Andreas Oberg; harmonica artist, Howard Levy; fingerstyle guitarist Martin Taylor; DJ Qbert; pianist Christie Peery; rock drummer Thomas Lang, jazz/fusion drummer, Billy Cobham, percussionist Luis Conte, banjo player Tony Trischka, flat pick guitar player Bryan Sutton, dobro player Andy Hall, mandolin player Mike Marshall, double bass player Missy Raines and fiddle player Darol Anger.

    For more information please visit:, or

  • Imagine there's no heaven....

    15 apr 2012, 01:24 av debbyalvim

    Sofismas religiosos, engodos homofóbicos travestidos de boa inteção.

    Então vamos lá, acho que devo ter tendências masoquistas, pois algumas pessoas deveriam ser evitadas e excluídas, por que parar pra escutar algo que no mínimo irá te causar repulsa e aversão? Pessoas como Jair Bolsonaro já ultrapassaram esse estágio, uma caricatura, um projeto de ser humano que deu errado, e que sério, você olha, escuta, observa e tem hora que dá vontade de tocar pra ver se é real e que não se trata de uma figura folclórica.
    Assistindo alguns debates sobre [falta]Direitos Humanos ( e entre eles a formação de quadrilha evangélica (bancada cristã no geral) destilar seus argumentos que em sua maioria ofendem a minha inteligência que é pouca e a de qualquer ser pensante desse país, fiz questão de agrupar os principais ‘argumentos’ dos que querem ter o direito de continuar a disseminar seus preconceitos.
    Irrelevante este post, talvez, pois se você viu os vídeos sabe que os discursos feitos são facilmente desmantelados e que esse líderes constroem seus argumentos para ludibriar a grande massa do país que sejamos sinceros, não quer e/ou tem preguiça de pensar ou se apoíam nessas falácias para justificar seus ódios e preconceitos.

    Opção Sexual e Minorias
    Sim, não é opção, e sim orientação, parece besteira corrigir o tema, mas não o é, e durante toda discussão, as questões de orientação sexual forão tratadas com tanto desrepeito, que o termo Homossexualismo foi utlizado, e meus caros, não achem que não é intecional. Não sejamos ingênuos. HomossexualiDADE, o ismo remete as parafilias da qual a OMS não inclue a heterossexualidade, bissexualidade e homossexualidade.

    Se é uma ‘escolha’ (o que não é) individual, e se é uma opção, logo não se pode enquadrar no casos de negros, judeus e blabá. Parece-me que quando utilizam esse argumento, se um negro tivesse o direito de escolher não teria a cor que tem, um judeu escolheria não ter essa descendência, uma mulher nasceria homem. Não existiria minorias, seríamos uniformes, e homogêneos, pois a diferença é rejeitada por muitos.

    Ora não se trata de escolha ou não, o fato é que isso é irrelevante, o preconceito existe, é claro e evidente, e mais que o preconceito a discriminação e marginalização de todo um grupo, que apenas não tem um parceiro ‘convecional’.

    Se este grupo é dizimado,lhe é negado direitos civis básicos, proibido de se manisfestar em gestos de carinho, perdem seus empregos, são humilhados pela sociedade, de fato não se enquadra no mesma luta por direitos humanos?

    Numa minoria que sofre e sofreu como as outras? Que luta por direito a dignidade humana (não é um absurdo)? Direito de sua ‘escolha’ ou não-escolha ser respeitada? De não ser morto por isso? De ser feliz como se é? De evitar que uma pessoa qualquer dissemine ódio e preconceitos em mídias sociais de grande abrangência?

    Ora pastores, discipulem seus fiéis nos seus cultos dominicais, doutrinem suas ovelhas dentro de suas igrejas, ninguém os impedirá, afinal vocês tem toda liberdade de serem preconceituosos. Porém há de que se ter responsabilidade sobre a repercussão desse discurso de malignidade sobre a homossexualidade, porque há repercussão e ela é marcada na pele colorida de todos que professam amor e desejo por um igual. Creio que a carne mais barata do mercado hoje seja a carne gay.

    “Que se for genético que se crie clínicas para curar essa doença.” Disse um deputado, integrante dessa bancada criminosa, (dá pra acreditar?). Doença é a sua ignorância.

    Acho que a maioria desconhece como se era o tratamento antigamente e nos divãs que erronameante torturam seus pacientes. Só falo uma coisa pros psicológos metidos a salvadores de alma, SEU CONSELHO PROÍBE!

    Qualquer ser humano que respeita o outro não vai querer pessoas sendo tratadas com eletrochoque e em clínicas psiquiatricas por amar alguém do mesmo sexo. E nem pense você evangélico a dizer a palavra LIBERTAÇÃO, nem pense! E muito menos EXPULSAR DEMÔNIOS.
    Será que o dinheiro de dízimo dos colorido está fazendo tanta falta assim?

    E não se luta por isso? Casar, adoção, constituir uma família? O principal valor familiar agora é a Heterossexualidade? Ou um lar não é construído com afeto, amor, carinho, respeito...? Mas um casal homossexual não pode gerar filhos. Não pode mesmo? Fertilização in vitro, e outras maravilhas tecnológicas existem pra que? A mulher ou homem estéril que está num relacionamento convecional não se utiliza desses meios? E em último caso, um mundo com 7 bilhões de habitantes não iria acabar...

    So vou dizer uma coisa, e isto deve bastar: O BRASIL É UM ESTADO LAICO!
    E não adianta dizer que é a grande maioria é cristã, tem pessoas que não são! A democracia não pode ser uma Ditadura da Maioria. Entenda bem, o Estado tem que zelar por todos os seus cidadãos. Sua liberdade de fé, não te dá direito a mais que qualquer cidadão.
    Ter fé, ser pastor. Não te coloca ACIMA da LEI. Não te dá o DIREITO de dizer impropérios em nome de sua doutrina. Liberdade de culto é uma coisa. Liberdade de expressão é outra coisa! E DISCURSO de ÓDIO, tem que ser tolido.

    Não entra nesses direitos consitucionais. Não se pode permitir que isso aconteça.

    Se eu fundo uma religião, A igreja Ozymandias, que no seu livro sagrado, [entenda a ironia] tem escrito que os negros tem que ser escravizados, as mulheres adulteras apedrejadas, crianças desobedientes tem que ser tratadas na vara, e ciganos, gays, e todos os outros que não professam minha fé vão pro inferno e são abominações e decido comprar um horário na TV e pregar minha doutrina eu tenho direito?
    Só porque é religião e entra na liberdade de culto? Só porque eu acho que meu DEUS disse? Como assim? Não entendi?

    Vamos sair do mediavelismo! Toda vez que a igreja tenta influenciar o Estado da m...
    Limite-se ao seu cercadinho de valores que julgam divinos.
    A Bíblia não se sobrepõe a Constituição Federal!


    Essa é a melhor de todas não é? jargão mais que batido, que coisa, você não odeia, mas muda de assento quando sentam perto de você, os olha com reprovação e como se fosse uma aberração, recusa-se a ir nos mesmos lugares ou se estão num mesmo restaurante e de repente há uma manisfestação de carinho se indigna e pede ao gerente que reprove ou retire os mesmos, expulsam-os de casa, dizem aos seus pais que eu são uns perdidos, doentes, que precisam ser curados.

    Excluem do rol de membros da igreja, marginalizam. Seu filho/a tentou de tudo pra ser quadradinho, namorar uma pessoa do sexo oposto, constituir família convecional, condena-os a infelicidade por não conseguir amar do SEU JEITO, DA MANEIRA QUE VOCÊ ACHA CERTA.

    Realmente não há ódio a pessoa. Não mesmo!

    VOCÊ só os chama de abominável e os tenta exorcizar em cultos de falsa libertação!É mais fácil constituir uma família convecional e ser infeliz do que os outros respeitarem sua orientação e o sentenciar a uma vida de mentiras!

    Entenda uma coisa, um homossexual pode não ‘estar’ homossexual, ou seja praticar como vocês dizem, mas ele SEMPRE SERÁ homossexual.

    “Não foi visto nesse país um evangélico espancar um homossexual”. Mas quem fomenta esse ódio pastor. QUEM? Que dá os argumentos para estas pessoas? Quem as doutrinha? Ou você acha que tem controle sobre discursos de pernicidade e seus efeitos?

    É simples se todos os seres humanos fossem respeitados, se a Carta de Direitos Humanos fosse respeitada, se todos tivessem os mesmo direitos, se não houvesse ódio, se vivessêmos no paraíso, se não houvesse discriminação, se principalmente o Brasil não negasse aos seus filhos por serem homossexuais, não haveria necessidade de PL122.

    O sonho é não precisar lutar pelos seus direitos e sim que eles sejam respeitos por que você tem direito a eles!

    Sabe, essa terra não é a porção de vocês, é só uma passagem, não importa muito, vai acabar tudo em fogo não é mesmo? Deixa os que se preocupam com viver da melhor maneira possível, tentar fazer desse MUNDO (o qual rejeitam) um lugar MELHOR PARA TODOS!



  • Independent US Label Creates History In Argentina

    27 mar 2012, 21:18 av musicdish

    Boosweet Records the independently owned and operated label based in California since 1999, recently created history in the country of Argentina with its “Guitar Power” guitar competition. The “Guitar Power” program is the brainchild of award winning guitarist/producer/actor and label CEO Vernon Neilly, and Marcelo Roascio who is a partner with Laura Goldar in Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, the major guitar/bass publication in the Argentine market. Vernon has traveled the world not only as a solo artist, but in the past has worked with legendary artists in the entertainment business. “Guitar Power” was held in the city of Buenos Aires and was sponsored by Boosweet Records, Todo Guitarra Y Bajo Magazine, Seymour Duncan, Xotic Effects, Morley Pedals, Giannini Strings, Tecniforte Cables, Antitodo Guitar Straps, and Guitar Global LLC. 10 finalists were selected to perform live before judges at the historic Bauen Theater in Buenos Aires from multitudes of entries that were received from all over Argentina. The winner Chowy Fernandes received an all expenses paid recording contract with Boosweet Records, as well as gear donated by the sponsors. There were also second and third place winners who received products from the sponsors of the event. Major media outlets in Argentina supported the historic making event such as video channels MTV, CME, and powerhouse Rock & Pop 95.9 radio located in Buenos Aires. Vernon also did countless interviews with major press supporting the “Guitar Power” event. This historical event was a huge success and will be continued due to the attention Boosweet Records and Neilly garnered for the event. This was not the first time that Vernon Neilly and Boosweet records partnered with major brands in the music world. Previously he was recognized for his “Six String Extravaganza” contest with label CEO and guitar icon Steve Vai.


    Boosweet Records, Guitar Global, and Vernon Neilly are currently running another “Custom Guitar Giveaway”. To be eligible interested parties only have to go to Vernon’s fan page at like the page and then forward an email to the director of promotions at to be notified if you win. You can also direct all questions to this address concerning the giveaway. Last day to enter is June 30, 2012.
  • MusicDishTV Presents "You and I" by World5

    15 feb 2012, 20:00 av musicdish

    The video "You and I" showcases a unique Quintet of Artists from as far away as New Zealand, and Europe, and vocalist Don Bruner singing about a relationship that is strong enough to survive "the big fight." The video showcases this Adult Contemporary song, flavored with a bit of Latin rhythm, by using the image of a young boxer and his sweetheart by his side at the ring cheering him on. The victory for these seasoned musicians is the collaboration made possible by the magic of digital recording.

  • World5 To Release Global Experience May 1st 2012

    11 feb 2012, 20:59 av musicdish

    Collaborating between five band members spanning four countries with a 4-time Grammy winning producer in a Houston recording studio, and having recently received two number-one slots on prominent internet charts and a Gold Award for their promotional single and video, the band World5 will be releasing their debut album titled "Global Experience" later this spring.

    "I think the album is a cool blend of different styles." states 4-time Grammy winning producer Randy Miller. "The songs have the common thread of the individual members of the group bringing their own artistic visions to bring about the globally diverse sound of World 5 . It was a great experience to mix and master this album using technology to overcome time and space to bring all of our musical ideas together. I think the album turned out the way we all hoped it would....very cool!"

    "You And I", which is about a positive relationship between a young couple about to be engaged has been well received by a number of folks having reached top 5 slots at such internet stations as the Independent Music Network hosted by Michael Damien, number one on All Access' Songdish and the internet radio show "Radio Gets Wild" gave the single their "Gold Award" among other positive responses from internet outlets on a worldwide level. The video to the single has also garnered much attention as a feel-good story that has gotten over 20,000 views on YouTube, Vimeo and other outlets.

    "We already had such a great response from the song but when we released the video the song has gotten so much more attention" states drummer/ percussionist Raimund Breitfeld. "People from all around the world can easily identify themselves with this storyline in the video."

    "We were very excited when we heard that "You And I" had hit #1 on a couple of charts and #4 on another," states vocalist Don Bruner as the bands first single from their upcoming album was such a success in a short period. "One of the things that we were hoping for was that our music would not only be appreciated in our home countries but have an appeal to everyone, everywhere."

    World5 is managed by Black Mountain Productions Inc. and released through Island Def Jam Digital Distribution.