• dissapeared has dissapeared off the dashboard has this happened to anyone else? does anyone know whats going on?

  • You probably aren't connected to XBOX Live if this is happening. First, make sure that you are connected to XBOX Live. If you are, check the "Music Marketplace" section, where the app usually shows up. If it does not, then I would suggest going to (the official XBOX Live support site) and see if anyone there can help you.

  • it is because it isnt free anymore. dont support lastfm. pandora is even better and not after being a cash cow

  • is free on the Xbox up to 60 hours of listening each month. If you want to listen beyond 60 hours in a month, yes you need to subscribe.

  • For $3 a month I can stream music 24/7. I can create custom tag radio stations that will play just the music I want to listen to. I can download free music. Skip or Ban tracks as often as I like. ( not that I want to, but I can....) I feel like I am in a great big, huge Costco candy store of music on LFM.

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