Another Last.FM not available in your country thread

    • Strahdza sa...
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    • 15 nov 2010, 13:35

    Another Last.FM not available in your country thread

    I live in South Africa.
    I understand Why Last.FM does not work on my Xbox... however what I'm trying to find out is ... is this going to change ?

    And I dont mean "Yes somewhere in the future we'd like to support as many countries as possible" .
    I mean , I someone Actually busy trying to sort out licensing for SA (and other countries) with any kind of target date in mind ... 3 months , 6 months , 1 year ?

    I'm sure there was a thread (that I cant find now) whereit was indicated that Last.FM will not be available at XBoxLive SA launch time , but soon-ish after.

    Yes, I'm a subscriber and I'll probably stay a subscriber regardless, but I'd just like to know what to expect .
    Can I check back with a hopeful glint in my eye every couple of weeks ? or is this something thats unlikely to ever be available in my region ?


    • Jacccky sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 nov 2010, 00:29
    You are located in South Africa. Microsoft has restricted the Xbox application to Xbox users in the United States and United Kingdom only, please see the FAQ.

    • Strahdza sa...
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    • 18 nov 2010, 13:43
    Fair enough. so there is no intention of bringing the service to other countries ?

    Various posts (regarding the Xbox live launch in SA ) along the lines of
    "Other established features, such as Facebook, Twitter, Zune, and the video marketplace will not be available in South Africa right away according to Microsoft. "

    "Q: Will we have access to Last.FM when the service launches?
    A: We will get access to Last.FM, however it will not be available at launch.
    gave me the impression that although it wont be available at launch , its only a matter of time before Last.FM became available.

    Cant say I'm not disappointed by the news ... really dont feel like forking out for a zune pass when I have a perfectly good Last.FM subscription :(

    • Strahdza sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 dec 2011, 15:06
    Its been another year now ... still no plans to bring Last.FM to other countries ??

    Make it happen. Pleeease!

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