My username is too long

  • My username is too long

    I have been looking forward to trying out the Xbox integration but after downloading it today I found that I could only type 'identitycrisisu' at the login screen. I searched around and found a help topic that states: "Usernames must be 2-15 characters long, start with a letter, and contain only letters, numbers, ‘_’ or ‘-‘."

    My username is 16 characters long and I wonder how I was able to create a username that was longer than this restriction unless it only applies to the Xbox Live service. I have also searched to find out whether my username can be changed but it seems like this is not possible either. I am a long term user and I'm disappointed that I may not be able to use the Xbox service because of this, is there any way around this or any chance that the username length may be increased? The only other option I can see is to start a completely new account for use with Xbox and build up my music profile again, which is not something I would really like to do.

  • Hello there,

    It looks like we have messed up abit. There were constraints put on username character limits at some time ago, but it looks like your account predates those changes.

    We will let Microsoft know, however the Xbox Live update schedule means that a fix will not happen for at least 4 weeks.

    All we can do in the meantime is apologize profusely for this oversight, and promise that we will work on a fix to get you up and running ASAP.

  • Thanks for the quick response, limits on usernames being added at some point after I joined was another option that I thought could have caused the problem (or just someone forgetting to include a terminating character in the string size ;)

  • Same problem

    It seems us veteran users, who were able to make usernames at any length we wanted, are a bit SOL at this point. I also don't want to create an all new profile, just to use Last on XBox! I really hope we're not the only two experiencing this problem, so that we will be able to utilize it on the XBox.

  • Also applies to invalid characters!

    Such as spaces, which is why I'm assuming mine doesn't work either.

    Either that or Microsoft has something against basketball players.

  • Re: Also applies to invalid characters!

    Kobe Bryant said:
    Such as spaces, which is why I'm assuming mine doesn't work either.

    Either that or Microsoft has something against basketball players.

    youre not the only one who cant log on because of spaces, i hope they fix this i want to listen to music on my box.

  • I'm also affected :'(

    I get that for performance reasons you'd want to keep usernames as short as possible, but make it too restrictive and you'll end up with people cancelling registration because they can't find a username they want.

  • Still An Issue

    I've got this problem with it being too long, and it still hasn't been fixed after all this time.

  • *bump*

  • Has this issue been solved yet?

  • Please contact me via PM if you are having this issue.

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