"Not available in your region" replacing "Session isn't valid" error

    • amaann sa...
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    • 4 okt 2010, 11:23
    Your policy's really suck. I have a US based xbox and a US based xbox live account. after moving away to my UNI I cant get any of the last.fm services.
    even joined and bought an account separately for xbox live!
    seriously considering spotify or another alternative.

  • I am currently getting this error every time I tried to listen to a radio station. I have to select it three times in order for it to buffer and start streaming. I am in the US. Please advise how do I fix this?

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 19 apr 2011, 06:29
    So, I went to turn last.fm on on my xbox (like I usually do), and I got this error. I live in idaho! Come on, guys.

  • ^We've just managed to replicate this in the office - as of last night, trying to start your most recently played station gives you a regional error. We're contacting Microsoft to get this fixed asap.

    In the meantime, start any other station and it should work again. If it's your personal or mix radios that aren't playing, start a random station, quit to the dashboard, and then start Last.fm again.

    We'll let you know when it's fixed.


    If you bought a Last.fm subscription and then discovered that it's not available in your region (i.e. you live outside of the UK or US), please contact Last.fm support directly here: http://www.last.fm/help/support

  • This issue should now be resolved! If you continue to have problems, please try clearing the cache on your console. Please report back if this is unsuccessful.

  • region problem for xbl account

    i cannot luse last fm on xbl. i've tried changin my region to uk by a new profile and gamertag but nothing happens i am in usa

  • LastFM lets make a deal. If you enable last.fm xbox on Brazil I subscribe it. also I'll recommend it to everyone that I know!

  • finland

    i have a subscription up here in finland - so i'm ok to tune into last.fm on my computer but not on my xbox? ... c'mon gyus ... work on this please

    • vanSijll sa...
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    • 1 maj 2012, 23:04

    Re:Well this is a bit awkward...

    DisallowAutoAim said: I moved to Korea, bought a 360 there. I have a gamertag that is registered in the United States (I wasn't bothered about filling in the information properly when I created it).
    So when I try to download the Last.FM program it gives me the same error "not available in your region".
    How is this even remotely logical, its the internet. What retard decided to chop it up into "regions"? I guess that this is a problem on the microsoft side and not last.fm's however you guys need to tell microsoft that you want it regionless.

    Here is a solution:

    2 things you need to change:
    1) Your Account Country for fixed devices=XBox360, Sonos, AV-Receivers
    2) Your IP-Address and you Account Country for Editable devices=PC, Android

    The editable device detects an outside IP-Address,
    so use a foreighn Proxy, to get a UK / US IP-Address,
    on Windows / Linux / Android / Apple, that is easy,
    Just Google for TOR-Proxy, you will find some solution there...

    But for a X-Box360, Sonos-Player or App. on a AV-Receiver, that is more difficult, you should start with making a brand new; Windows Live Account, and a Google Mail account first:

    Register / Connect the Google UK or US Account with a foreighn account, and use it once - do not configure the account at all, just register it, with the proxy to (i.e.) London-UK, nothing else. But the password recovery shoulb be send first to the foreighn e-mail account.

    Do the same with a brand new Windows US / UK Live Account,
    Register and Connect it with (for password recovery) the new Google Account (ofcourse via US / UK-Proxy!)

    If that is done, change the recovery-password account from Google (which is a foreighn account) into the Windows UK / US Live account.

    Now both accounts "think" that they are used as UK/US Accounts.

    Start the XBox360 and login as US - UK, with the Windows Live US - UK Account.
    And what about that, it works.... Music thru the speakers, listening to your own sessions!

    Good luck!

    G®€3t!ñZ from London - with Love.
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