New 60 Hour Limit ?

  • New 60 Hour Limit ?

    I popped on Last FM last night on my Xbox and was informed I'd have to subscribe, or wait until next month as I'd reached my 60 hours per month limit?

    When was a limit introduced ? I've never had that before.

    • OMG-HaX sa...
    • Användare
    • 19 mar 2012, 02:22
    That happend to me before, you need xbox live gold subscription... or its just a randy bug.

    xbox 360 gamertag: xXURB4NTURB4NXx

  • Weird maybe just a bug as I have Gold. Thanks for replying to me OMG-HaX :)

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    Redigerad av Knapster01 den 11 apr 2012, 12:03
  • Please read the FAQ. This is not a bug, there's really a new 60 hours per month limit for Xbox Live Gold members who doesn't have a Last.FM subscription.

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