• Cant connect

    Since the new dash board update I cant connect to last fm. My login information
    keeps saying its wrong, what BS.

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    Redigerad av Knapster01 den 20 dec 2011, 15:00
  • i'm having same problem .. the xbox app is saying my username or password is not valid ... strange thats it's the same login i just used to post here lol

  • You can reset your password here.

  • I don't need to reset m,y password .. it works fine .. just doesn't work on xbox live for some reason

  • unable to connect to last.fm after the new xbox360 dashboard install

    I was able to log on through a web browser, but not from my Xbox.

    The username or password you entered isn't valid.

    Try resetting your password, and wait about 20 minutes before logging in, otherwise you'll receive the same result.

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