shutting down?

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    • 27 sep 2011, 02:33 shutting down?

    When listening to on my xbox, it constantly takes me back to my dashboard without any prompting. It happens at any point, whether during the song or right before a song starts/right after a song ends. Any clue as to why and how I can stop this? Its incredibly frustrating.

  • Hmm. I'm really not sure what would be causing this... have you tried contacting microsoft's support? ( )

    Probably the first thing to try would be to delete and then redownloading it, if that doesn't fix it, please get back to us.

  • I realize this is unrelated, but for the past week I have been unable to use Last.FM on my xbox. It constantly says "Can't contact Check your network, or try again later." I have reset all my network settings, and nothing has changed. I have contacted Xbox support and they referred me to

  • Try clearing the cache on your Xbox. Please also check your router settings or if you connection share with your PC, check firewall/software security settings.

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