Release Notes (updated 7/13/2012)

  • Release Notes (updated 7/13/2012)

    I've consolidated all the release announcements into one sticky thread to make it easier to keep track of what's new. Below are all the release notes for every version of the app released so far.

    • Display album artwork on the lock screen
    • Improve streaming on lower-memory devices like the 3G
    • Don't scrobble banned tracks
    • An option to increase the volume a bit to match the built-in iPod app

    • Share artists, tracks, and events to Twitter and Facebook
    • View recommended lineup and compatibility for events
    • View and zoom event posters
    • Add events to your calendar on iOS 4+
    • Display current song on the lock screen on iOS 5
    • Fix a crash on iOS 5

    • Fix a crash on iOS 3.x devices
    • Fix an issue with launching stations from the website
    • Fix an issue with launching tag radio stations with spaces in their name

    • Addresses an issue where streaming could stop while the app was in the background
    • Various bug fixes

    • Improved radio streaming performance
    • Various bug fixes

    • Simplified viewing of friends' profiles
    • Support for starting library radio by entering a username into the Radio Search
    • Track context when listening to recommendations and friends radio
    • Pause / resume
    • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

    • Check your profile (now with top charts, recent tracks and friends) on the go
    • Get music recommendations for artists and new album releases
    • See what upcoming concerts are in your area; and what events your friends are attending
    • Search the music catalog for information about artists, albums, tracks and tags
    • Listen to two new radio stations, plus "edit" stations on the go to fine-tune them to a tag
    • Updated interface, now with retina display support
    • Various bug fixes

    • Mix Radio - Listen to your loved tracks, recommendations, and library
    • Notification about the upcoming station changes
    • Stop playback when headphones are removed
    • Improve playback on iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod Touch devices running iOS 4
    • Misc. bug fixes

    • Background streaming support for iOS 4
    • Remote control / lock screen controls for iOS 4
    • Browse recommended and nearby events
    • Misc. bug fixes

    • Dim the love button if the track is already loved
    • More informative search results
    • Sync recent stations list with the website
    • Fix backwards calendar / list toggle
    • Add a preference option to opt-out of PinchMedia analytics

    • Add/remove tags for artist, albums, and tracks
    • Recommend music to friends via email on iPhoneOS 3.0
    • Optionally use low-bitrate streaming over cellular networks to improve performance
    • Reduced buffering times over EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi
    • Fix a crash that could occur when viewing event details
    • Fix a bug that would prevent songs from playing to completion before starting the next song
    • Fix a crash that could occur while scrolling the Recently Playlist list on iPhoneOS 3.0
    • Additional minor bug fixes

    • Properly retain "maybe attending" status while viewing an event
    • Ability to create new playlists from the Add to Playlist view
    • Add an optional entry for Neighborhood Radio to the radio list, which can be enabled from the Settings menu
    • Addresses a bug that would clip a small fraction of the next song when skipping tracks
    • Include the venue name in the Google Maps search query in order to display the phone number and additional venue info from Google Maps
    • Misc. bug fixes and improvements

    • Streamlined user interface
    • Tagging
    • Personal tag radio
    • Common artists when viewing a profile
    • A brand new calendar-based events view
    • Support for firmware 2.1
    • And much, much more!

    • Bug fixes and stability improvements
    • Defer error popups until device is unlocked
    • Disable auto-lock during playback
    • Improve playback of tracks while device is locked
    • Start buffering the next track near the end of the current track
    • Fix display of events for non-English locales
    • Properly display ampersands in radio station titles

    • Better recommendations
    • Support for multiple playlists for subscribers
    • Support for My Library
    • Song name on lock screen
    • Less buffering over 3G
    • Retain the search results if you come back to them
    • Bug, stability and performance fixes for iPhone and iPod Touch is available in the iTunes Store in the US, UK, and Germany. To install the update, click "Check for updates" at the bottom of your iTunes Applications list, or tap the Updates tab of the App Store on your device.

    Redigerad av c99koder den 13 jul 2012, 13:41
    • [Raderad användare] sa...
    • Användare
    • 15 apr 2011, 07:45

    Fixing Wrong Bugs?

    I was a paying user and i was using the iPhone app for listening to music. After updating to 3.1.0 I cant listen to music in my country threw your app. I you cant have all the rights from the "Big Four" for MY music in my country please close the service and don't ask for paying just for collecting data. Thank you!

    • kspes sa...
    • Användare
    • 28 apr 2011, 21:10

    Love the 3.1.0 update!

    Love it! finally the pause feature, been waiting for this for years!

    Krešimir Špes
    Cateia Games
    • vurtua1 sa...
    • Användare
    • 28 jul 2011, 07:07
    Is there really no way we can have some sort of offline support? we7 radio has is, and the app is free with no subscription, but it doesn't support scrobbling, and frankly I rate a million times higher than we7. Support some form of offline storage and you will definitely have my subscription money!

  • Will not work anymore?

    App will not work anymore on Iphone 4g (OS 4.0.1) after updating the APP to 3.1.2

    That's aggrovating if you're paying for the streamservice..

  • App won't load

    Updated on I-phone this morning and now won't load.

    Restarted phone, still same issue.

    Help please!

    • ovin08 sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 sep 2011, 13:17

    New Feature?

    I have the same issue as stevendodd.

    Is a new feature of the app to not let any song load at all. It gets stuck buffering the first song when trying to play a station. I forced the app to close 3 times and it still hasn't loaded any songs. This issue needs to get fixed immediately for paid customers.

  • So, I still would be happy just to hear, that the take notice n still works on this.

    So wtf I'm paying for?

    • ovin08 sa...
    • Användare
    • 20 sep 2011, 13:05

    Canceling subscription

    I'm just going to cancel my subscription until I see something on the forums saying that it's fixed. I sent a PM to c99koder a day ago but no response. And obviously the forums aren't being checked for bug reports. Yay crack team for setting up an efficient way for members to report bugs!

  • Fuck it... I'm kind of sad. For sure, I like 'cause it's right now the best way to hear all the day really good music n not like the most internetradios a bunch of crap to fill up the program. But man, I subscribed this app to support So, what they're doin for the subscribers?

    • ovin08 sa...
    • Användare
    • 26 sep 2011, 13:11

    New update to 3.1.1

    Still the same issue with my version 4.0 iOs.
    Buffer a few % then lock up. Even after many attempts and restarts.

  • So, I gonna push it. So my subscription runned right now out without havin any use on it?! Wtf you guys thinkin? 3 Bugs a month are nearly to for free, so fuck it?

    Wtf is wrong with you?

  • Please, will you guys release it in the Dutch App store? I pay for radio and I would like to listen to it on my iPod Touch...

    • wachunei sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 okt 2011, 05:14

    Chilean store

    Why isn't this application released in all the store, i have an account from Chile and i can't download this.

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    Loved it. Down load it:

  • My Iphone won't Scrobble

    Is it just me, or does anyone else have the issue where their Iphone doesn't scrobble. I listen to music mostly on my iphone through the music I've uploaded to it. It's the same as listening on my ipod as far as i'm concerned. So why won't it scrobble?

    • print24 sa...
    • Användare
    • 21 feb 2012, 13:49



    Redigerad av Knapster01 den 21 feb 2012, 15:27
  • Many thanks, i have been waiting for this for years

    • JuanFal sa...
    • Användare
    • 2 apr 2012, 18:24

    When an update to the iPhone version

    I love, and I've had patience enough first to wait the iPhone version, and lately to see any updates… but it is taking me desperate to not see any updates and need to restart the iPhone application each time because its continuous crashes just when I exit the playing radio station to look for another thing inside the program. Or needing to open the program from the background because each time it is jumping to the next song in the radio station, it gets slept, and need to be the front application to do the jump.

    Pleeeease! when an upgrade. Are you there?

    Juan Fal.

  • Chilean Store

    I need this app too.

  • In dire-need to download the bugger..

    • DocterD sa...
    • Användare
    • 13 jul 2012, 17:01
    Wow, iOS6 comes within the next two month and you release a version with iOS5 Features (Lockscreen support)

  • [spam]

    Redigerad av Bloopy den 1 okt 2012, 07:09
  • I have the latest 3.2.2 but I have problems pausing - sometimes it works but not always. I suppose this a bug that needs fixing or something.
    I guess a reinstall might help

    • shushpan sa...
    • Användare
    • 1 jun 2013, 07:03
    Apolgies for may be a rather stupid question, but does the app scrobble offline as well? I do not maintain internet connection on itouch all the time, so im interested if the tracks, i've listened to in plane or other place with no wifi will be accounted for.

    Thanks for an answer

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