Latest app (3.0) of for iPhone is VERY buggy

    • otto1952 sa...
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    • 15 mar 2011, 14:16

    Re: Re: Re: Multitasking issue (just for starters)

    VaughnWhiskey said:

    how did you go back to the older app?
    i wanted to downgrade to the older one because the new one doesn't work.

    Fortunately I hadn't sync'd my iPod since downloading v3 on the iPod, so I simply deleted it. On the next sync v2 was reloaded from my PC.

    c99koder said:
    We're keeping an eye on the crash reports submitted through iTunes and on the issues reported on this forum, and will be releasing a bug fix update to address the most common issues soon.

    Any news on when this is likely to be? I'm keeping the old app safely on my PC until these issues are resolved or it stops working, whichever comes first!

    • AL3x_Lfm sa...
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    • 15 mar 2011, 19:38

    Re:Re: iOS 4.3 issue

    c99koder sagte:
    Try reinstalling the app from the App Store, as the app should continue to work on iOS 4.3.

    it worked for me. i've tried it twice. first try without rebooting iphone (didn't work) und second try with rebooting iphone after deleting the app.
    thanks ;)

    • fredoluv sa...
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    • 17 mar 2011, 04:47

    Any news on an update?

    I subscribed since I've been scrobbling for half a decade... Then launched the app only to find out it's good for a song at most before crashing.

    IPad1, 4.03, wifi
    Steps to replicate: start app, wait 5min for it to load, start first song, wait for buffering, on play start multitasking, listen for the sound of silence

    • rdewes sa...
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    • 17 mar 2011, 20:33

    Re: Re:Re: iOS 4.3 issue

    AL3x_Lfm disse:
    c99koder sagte:
    Try reinstalling the app from the App Store, as the app should continue to work on iOS 4.3.

    it worked for me. i've tried it twice. first try without rebooting iphone (didn't work) und second try with rebooting iphone after deleting the app.
    thanks ;)

    Tried two times and didn't work!

    Every time after I reinstall the app (5 times until now), just after I had logged in, it crashes, and doesn't come back!

    Finally, went to options and turned off every single option, except sending anonymous info. And rebooting after deleting again

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    • cbserra sa...
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    • 18 mar 2011, 18:47

    Song hangs loading album art

    On 3G at least, I notice songs hang for a bit while (usually) loading album artwork.

    I guess now that it's delivering higher quality images for Retina displays?

    iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1

  • It doesn't crash for me (that much) but it stops advancing to the next song so often it's really annoying. Makes this your priority fix please.

    There comes a point when I'm no longer dancing to the music - I am the music in physical form.
    • guvnr611 sa...
    • Användare
    • 27 mar 2011, 08:47

    here it freezes after a few songs on my ipad

    i need to start a different radio. for now it is back to itunes and I won't become a paying member so soon.

  • We've submitted an update to Apple that fixes various bugs in the app, as well as adding some cool new features. The update will be available through iTunes as soon as Apple approves it.

  • One more iPhone 3gs user on 3g network with constant crashes on the new 3.0 update.

    Just adding one more to the count of how buggy this is on a 3Gs running on the 3g network. I love a song = crash. I skip a song = crash. I press basically any button/option while the song is playing = crash. I try listening (without pressing any buttons in fear that it will crash) to three songs in a row, hoping that it won't crash if I just leave it alone = crash. The three stations I was listening to the most, by the way, were My Mix Radio, My Recommended Radio and Neighborhood Radio. All were about equally as buggy - as far as I could tell - before my trial ran out. Great features and song selection that I'd be really excited about if I could actually use them. You'd be much better than the other services out there if this actually worked. Please fix. I'd really like to subscribe, but it's just way too broken.

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  • it doesnt work for me at all.. whenever i go to play a song it just crashes.. so now i cant use it at all

    • teimaga sa...
    • Användare
    • 3 apr 2011, 20:32

    Same issue on crash

    As reported from many others before me with last version i have continuous crash every 5 6 songs max.
    As before inhave seen at least 4 intervention in this blog from c99koder claiming that this bugs will be fixed but nothing is happened the question is WHEN ? I am very near to cancel my subscription since i am throwing my money out of the window....

    • ImpaledV sa...
    • Användare
    • 6 apr 2011, 17:57

    buggiest iOS-app ever

    I can't understand why you're distributing an app that is as buggy as this piece of crap. Maybe it's better to just remove it from the app store instead of offering an app that does not work at all. Especially when you consider that you'll need a subscription for listening to the radio service...

  • I've been noticing improvements in the way that the app runs and I try it out a lot. Be patient, it's clearly not's fault. I'm sure they are doing what they can to make these apps work. These other companies are obviously trying hard to develop their own software and I don't think they are really cooperating with us.

    • ImpaledV sa...
    • Användare
    • 7 apr 2011, 17:26
    How can it be someone else's fault when I'm running (maybe not really running because it keeps crashing all the time) the lastFM app which communicates with the lastFM server. Ok, maybe it's the iOS which sabotages lastFM :D

    • davidlau sa...
    • Användare
    • 8 apr 2011, 01:53
    Guess I found the right thread... yeah, since the LFM update, crashes every time after 2-3 songs, maybe 20 min max. Mobile 3G or home wifi, same thing. iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2.1
    I'll be happy to subscribe if it gets fixed!

    • bakkman sa...
    • Användare
    • 12 apr 2011, 11:20

    crashes and gets stuck

    I subscribed yesterday and started listening to music with the app. It crashes every couple of sings, and when it doesn't crash the buffering gets stuck although my connection is perfect.

  • Crashes after unlocking or after few songs

    Yet another buggy release by the app developers. They've finally improved the way the app looks and what can be done with it but it still crashes more than is acceptable. I'm finding it crashes any time I go from having it locked to unlocked and also after listening to a few songs.

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 15 apr 2011, 13:53
    The shame of it is, if this app worked correctly, I would never use anything else. When it DOES work, it's absolute heaven. But it hardly ever works, unfortunately. I guess that I'm one of the "luckier" ones, because it only crashes, oh, 5 times an hour. :x. I use this app for a long-distance work commute and without it I'd be lost.

    It absolutely does NOT like the "skip/ban" feature. It also dislikes multi-tasking. These are the features where most of the crashing seems to occur. I also have long buffering times - and here recently the sound will drop out in the middle of a track, only to come back a few seconds later, with no pause in the song - it's apparently playing WHILE the sound is dropped.

    A lesser, but just as irritating, issue is the selection of tracks coming up on radio where you would THINK there's some variety. I have over 2600 individual artists in my playlist - but it's giving me the same 15 songs to choose from, even on the so-called "My Mix Radio". Sheesh, start practicing what you preach. I'm sorry that I may not want to listen to Alan O'Day's "Undercover Angel" for the 18th time this week! And - I may like one or two country tracks, but this does not mean I want to be bombarded with Mark Chesnutt and John Anderson songs ad nauseum.

    I'm still a subscriber. I may not be much longer if these issues aren't addressed. Like a previous poster stated, I feel like my money's being wasted right now. I WANT to stay, because this service is unique and it's always been enjoyable (on the web anyway).

    This is my go-to for my 2-hour-a-day commute each week. I hope, hope, hope these issues will be resolved soon.

  • iPhone 4 user here.

    Haven't really had any issues thus far with the new update, but I hope everyone's problems get sorted.

    • davidlau sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 apr 2011, 00:15
    I was pleased to see an LFM update available recently, thinking it would fix this. Tried it out last night and was SO disappointed to have it hang rebuffering on only the third song.

    Why did it work reliably 6 months ago and you can't figure it out now?

    • Eve-1010 sa...
    • Användare
    • 16 apr 2011, 19:20

    new app randomly unpauses itself

    Is anyone having the same problem:

    The app unpauses itself when I end a call or after the timer goes off, even though it wasn't playing (was already on pause) beforehand! I miss the stop button!

  • Re: new app randomly unpauses itself

    Eve-1010 said:
    Is anyone having the same problem:

    The app unpauses itself when I end a call or after the timer goes off, even though it wasn't playing (was already on pause) beforehand! I miss the stop button!
    We'll fix this in the next update. In the meantime, you can quit the app by double-tapping your home button, holding your finger over the icon until it starts to shake, and then tapping the X. This will prevent the app from un-pausing after a phone call.

  • Just experienced my first bug:

    Was playing an artist's radio..paused the song half way through..went to the homescreen..a call came in..I let it ring to go to voicemail..after the call was done ringing, the song resumed automatically on its own.

    Strange issue -

    • p8guitar sa...
    • Användare
    • 14 maj 2011, 22:14

    ipod touch + wifi: lastfm app crashes a lot

    The program crashes after 2-5 songs or stops advancing to the next track. When it doesn't advance it is possible to skip this song and maybe it advances to the next track then. But the crashes are a real showstopper... :-(
    My wifi connection is ok, I can run other radio apps for hours. And I can run lastfm radio on the macbook without problems - it's just the ipod app that is buggy I suppose.

    Very annoying to pay for a subscription when you can barely use the app!

    • ppl_fm sa...
    • Användare
    • 18 jun 2011, 06:25
    Could anyone at, please, get serious about fixing the bugs in the iPhone app? It's very much unusable as it is (on iPhone 3G at least) - does not advance after every other song, crashes every second one, and so on. With the new version it only got worse.

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