App making iphone freeze completely

  • App making iphone freeze completely

    Alright, i was listening to a song on the lasfm app, then i pressed the menu button in the middle of the song. It went to the home but lastfm continued playing songs as if it would when the app is working normally, although i could not see the app.

    Not only this, but the screen was completely irresponsive, the home button and the sleep button did nothing, and even when on silent i could hear the songs. The only things that worked were the volume buttons.

    Now, 2 and a half hours later it has finally stopped playing (and scrobbling) random songs and for a breif moment it let me use the sleep button, so i tried to turn it off. However, now it is stuck on the screen that says "slide to power off" or "cancel".

    I've tried plugging it into my computer and it just did nothing.

    So yeah, now i just have to wait till it has ran out of battery, which looks like it could take a long time since it isnt doing anything. I'm a little worried here tha the app may have completely bricked my phone.

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  • You can hold home + power for a few seconds to reboot your iPhone

  • Thanks for the help.

    Great it works. Thank you.

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