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    Maybe I'm missing something here but why can't I play my playlists from my iPhone?

    Is it just functionality that isn't put in yet (and if not can we expect it to be soon?) or can I just not find where to play it?

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    • 4 feb 2009, 16:57
    The functionality is already in the iPhone application. Playlists can only be played by subscribers, and the application detects whether or not you are a subscriber. Because you are not a subscriber, you're not seeing the playlists.

    I'm a subscriber with many playlists, and my playlists are all appearing wonderfully in the iPhone application.

    (Your roller disco playlist is awesome by the way... I have a surprisingly similar one myself!)

  • thanks for replying, that's great news :D I've just subscribed and I'll have to have a listen of your playlist now and probably nab some songs from it! lol

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