Unable to login on iPhone

  • Unable to login on iPhone

    I'm getting an error of "Incorrect username or Password" whan I try to login on my iPhone.

    I have checked, double checked & checked again that I'm using the same login details that I use to get in here - but still no joy.

    I have done a reset of my password on here (last.fm site), uninstalled the iPhone app, and then re-installed it...

    Still no joy!

    I'm losing patience as I'm a new last.fm user, and have been recommended to give it a go!

    All help gratefully received!

    Many thanks, Chris

  • Sorted it!!!

    Feeel a bit of a lemon now...

    Spoke to a friend, who advised uninstall the app, full reboot of the iphone & re-isstall.

    It now is working a treat!!!

    Thanks for looking, Chris

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