of 300+ tracks played on my itouch, last.fm only scrobbled 20.

  • of 300+ tracks played on my itouch, last.fm only scrobbled 20.

    Okay last evening I listened to one track on repeat until it's night. And I put my iTouch down beside my bed and fell asleep, forgetting to pause the play. And this morning I just went to school without taking it with me. This evening I came home, picking it up and noticed that it was off. I was a bit confused because I never turn my iTouch off at all. And I plugged in my iTouch to let last.fm scrobble my plays yesterday. The box popped up and it showed that I've listened to the song 336 times and there were 30 other scrobbles from earlier that day. I was kinda shocked and realized it'd been playing till the battery was off. I clicked scrobble and then the last.fm client showed that "50 scrobbles submitted". So the other 30 plays were scrobbled but the 336 plays were cut to 20? I'm fine with getting 20 anyway because that was close to my play times. But I'm just a bit puzzled about how it just cut 336 to 20? That was a lot. Any same problems here? :/

    • ausglas sa...
    • Användare
    • 22 jan 2009, 12:23


    I had my touch on for days and nights, playd about 200 diffrent songs 4times, it didnt scrobble at al :P frustrating

    • lilyhush sa...
    • Användare
    • 29 apr 2012, 18:12



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