Feature Request: Play / Pause - Automatic Resume

  • Feature Request: Play / Pause - Automatic Resume

    Not sure if it's at all possible to do but it would be great to have the ability to pause a song you are streaming so that you can exit out of the application make a call and get back to your song :). (I realize you cannot run the application in the background hence the stream would have to be paused on the last.fm end)

    If you jailbreak I know you can use backgrounder and it works reasonably well but this shouldn't be the only way. Perhaps the pause button can hold the stream for 5-10 minutes and if you do not resume then it reopens the slot to another user. Not sure just something I was thinking of while driving home yesterday.

  • Our streaming license does not permit us to pause / resume songs. However, the last station you were listening to should be the very first item in the "Recent Stations" list, so you can tap that to resume the station you were listening to before the call came in.

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